TCS, Tata Consultancy Services belongs to the Tata Group. The general perception about TCS is that it deals with technology and software development. But, it also deals in Business Process Outsourcing, Consulting, Product based solutions, IT infrastructure solutions and engineering and industrial services.

Internship in TCS is supposed to be a privilege. There are many people who apply for the internships that are available at TCS. You have to be really good in order to get through TCS for an internship. But, the competition that you might face should not deter you from applying to any internship opening you come across in TCS. The experience you are bound to get in TCS is unparalleled.

TCS, like any other company belonging to the Tata group actively contributes to society. TCS also believes in giving back to society. It is a pleasure for anybody to work in an environment that is not only competitive, but also be a part of something as noble as this. It always feels good to work in a place that has socially aware employees.

Another advantage that TCS offers is the people you work with. They are picked out by the Human Resource department of TCS after much deliberation. They are people who are trained by the best people in the business. The results of a training that extensive shows on the employees. After leaving TCS they join other companies that are at the top of their game too. Interning with such an employer is everyone’s dream.