Internship is a job for entry-level workers. An internship aims at providing the intern with specialized job related experience. The experience is of the ground level. The intern is, usually, exposed to the various aspects of the field and the department that he/she wants to pursue a career in.

Internship can be a very fruitful experience. It can give you direction when you most need it. Also, an internship can help you make an informed career choice. If you have any doubts about the suitability of any career for yourself you can do an internship with any organization in that field. This will give you a perspective and when the time comes to make the decision about how well suited you would be for the job you would be able to make an informed decision.

Internships can be taken up while one is still a student. Most students are increasingly opting for summer internships to help them get started on the career of their dreams. These internships allow the students to utilize their time effectively and gather requisite knowledge of their field. The advantage that this has is that once they complete their education they get a head start in their careers. They do much better than students who do not do internships since they have on-the-job knowledge, which makes them a suitable candidate for the jobs.

Internships can also be pursued by people who are looking at a career change. Many of us are not happy with the kind of jobs we get. While many continue with the career path they are on, some people do feel the need to give their professional life a twist. Internship is an effective way for them to achieve that target. Internships allow them the flexibility to experiment with various fields and then choose a career from among them.