The resume that you submit when applying for any internship is the first thing that the employer judges you on. The content and the presentation influence his/her judgment. So, it is of crucial importance to have a resume that shows you in the best light and highlights your skills and achievements.

It is important to mention all the events and situations where you outshone the others. Your achievements, too, need to be neatly listed. But, it is equally important to erase all the unnecessary details from your resume. These unnecessary details will not improve your chances of bagging the internship, but it will definitely clutter your resume. This might result in the employer ignoring some crucial details and focusing on the unimportant part of the resume.

The resume should also state your purpose. The employer should know what you are looking to derive from the job. The statement of purpose would also make the person reading it think of how well you fit in the company and the internship description.

Educational qualifications should definitely be listed in the resume. Some companies have some academic criteria in mind. They might be looking for someone from a specific discipline or they might have a minimum percentage criterion.

It is very important to give current contact details. The company might want to contact you and the fact that they do not have correct email addresses might make them shift to another potential candidate. Feel free to contact the company you have applied to in case of any queries. Do not hold back on this account. This might hamper your understanding of what you are getting yourself into. If you choose to remain ignorant you might end up at the wrong place.

Keep all these tips in mind when you make your resume.