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Intern with India's largest youth paper and improve your writing skills.

How many times have you sat with a friend over a cup of coffee and expressed your view on a movie or a game or a political event? However how many times has your view got published in the paper?

If you want to improve your ability to express your views in writing then you have come to the right place just like 3000 other young people who have done this online internship before you.

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Benefits, of interning with The Viewspaper

Get personalised feedback on your writing

• The internship extends for a period of 1 month and is completely online.

• You will get personalised feedback on your writing from our expert team of editors so that you can improve as a writer.

• Our editorial team will interact with you over email, phone and skype to guide you through the internship.


Showcase your views with a global audience

• The Viewspaper will provide you with a platform where you can share your views with a 2,50,000 people every month.

• If you get published on The Viewspaper, you get feedback on your article from our 2,35,000 facebook fans. The Viewspaper is the 7th largest media company on Facebook in India


Build your brand globally

There’s no better way of impressing all your peers and colleagues than by getting your views and perspectives published in the largest youth paper in the country. It is a way of advancing your career and becoming an authority on a particular subject or space.

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This media portal presents views from the youth perspective.
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