The trend of internships in India is steadily catching up. Companies are warming up to the idea of letting aspiring candidates intern with them for a short duration of time. Things have drastically changed from the time our parents and grandparents had to wait for months for a job opening and do nothing in the meanwhile. Now many people choose to intern with various organizations in order to get a thorough idea of their field. This experience not only shines bright on their CVs, but also provides them with the requisite on-the-job experience, which always comes handy in dealing with situations at work.

Many students now take a gap year after completing their undergraduate studies to pursue various short duration internships. The kinds of internships one could undertake are as varied as the kinds of jobs one could do. What you need to keep in mind is your area of interests and your skills. You also need to see how the company you opt for can help you. Remember, it is not the company alone which benefits from keeping interns. So, try to do as much as you can during the internship. Do not go with the notion that you have to restrict yourself to whatever you have been asked to do. You can offer help for various other departments you feel you would be good at.

For all students pursuing their undergraduate or graduate studies interning with the company or organization of their choice seems like the perfect way to utilize the long summer break that Indian universities provide.