Interview with a Youth Icon

Our interaction took place with the youth Icon Prof. (Dr.) Umesh Saxena, the Director of St. Chitransh Public Senior Secondary School, Jaipur (Raj.) He was being interviewed by Ms Yashoda Verma, research Scholar from the University of Raj., Jaipur. The significant aspect of this youth icon appeared that Dr. Umesh Saxena did it all at the tender age of 32. How all these dreams came true is a fine demonstration and this interview gives you details.

Yashoda: Sir, I want to know first of all that did you ever get any support from your family to start this school for the development of education.
Dr. Saxena: To fulfil your dreams you never require any support. But not to get any support from anywhere can make you strong enough to make your dreams come true.

Yashoda: How far you do you think that people can make their aspirations achieve reality on the basis of adroit?
Dr. Saxena: It is not only the matter of adroit that a man gets success but it is the precept of developing your adroit and the capacity to make them come true.

Yashoda: Sir, how can you contribute for the development of the society?
Dr. Saxena: It is not only the society. We our self make that society, we are merely the part of that society and that individual develops the ideology. That ideology on the basis of your toil contributes a lot for the development of society. It is up to you that how far do you lead it for prosperity.

Yashoda: Do you feel proud in yourself while contributing your labour for your society?
Dr. Saxena: Yes, it is a matter of being happy but not proud because every moment is meant for learning. I have to do a lot in my life. To situate merely an educational institution does never put an end to my efforts for the development of the nation. I have to do a lot. It is not my earning resource but a feeling of satisfaction that I am increasing the figures of educated people in my poor society. The people of this society are not affluent. I allow for those parents kids education to be free of cost. Not only their education but also the books and their school uniform also are given free of cost.

Yashoda: Sir, then you appear to be social worker in this way?
Dr Saxena: I do not want to be social worker. I merely would like to be a common citizen of the nation.

Yashoda: Sir, Even then I think that the people like you are rare in our society. The thinking can change the foundation of our society. I really appreciate your conduction and the precepts which you apply for your life. Every citizen of the nation should adopt the same ideology so that he might contribute for the development of the nation.
Dr. Saxena: Thank you Ma’m, Thank you so much that you consider me to be worthwhile for the consideration that I am contributing for the development of my society.

Yashoda Verma

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