An Interview with Psychotherapist Anuradha Banerjee Sarkar

Mrs. Anuradha Banerji Sarkar is a well accomplished healer. Apart from being a psychotherapist, she also practices hypnotherapy, past life therapy and pranic healing to reach out to people and help them in distress, be it physical or mental. In her endeavour to reach out and heal people through alternative techniques, she started the organization Healing Rotes.

What motivated you to take on the alternative healing approach, considering that it is still not very popular in India?

ABS: Though I know that hypnotherapy, pranic healing and past life therapy are still not popular in India, but even as a psychotherapist I realized that people are suffering from different types of problems and plain psychotherapy does not have the key to every problem. Through alternative healing, I can heal many more people, and they only take a few sessions. For instance, as a psychotherapist, I had no control over physical problems of people. So for their physical problems, I was motivated to do pranic healing, as it gives relief without administering any drugs or medicines or leaving any side effects.
Slowly, people are getting aware about alternative therapies and realizing that medicine is not the answer for all their problems in life.

How much time does it take to establish oneself as an alternate healer?
ABS: There is no fixed time frame to establish oneself as an alternate healer. It depends upon many things. Ultimately, it is one’s patience, perseverance, tenacity and an extreme desire to heal people that would take you a long way. These are the necessary attributes to be a healer as well.

VP: Did you face any difficulties while taking up this profession?
ABS: I should not say they were difficulties, but it was a bit time consuming to complete the therapy courses, yet, I would say, it is ultimately worth your time and energy you spend on learning these courses to acquire healing skills.

Secondly, a major obstacle was to convince people about these almost new therapies. Either many are not aware about it, are skeptical about it or worse, they have negative notions about it in mind. For instance, people felt that through hypnotherapy, the therapist gains control over the client’s mind, can read the mind without him or her knowing and then making him perform ridiculous things! This is wrong, as a therapist only heals and in no way can harm the client. The client is in complete control of his mind and aware of his surroundings, while hypnotherapy is being done.

My observation is that as more and more people actually undergo and get benefited of it, they are exposed to its advantages and encourage others to undergo the same.

VP: What are the advantages of alternate healing as compared to standard medication?
ABS: Alternative healing is absolutely natural, as you are using nothing but the mind and the energies of the body, to heal people. Here, no medicine is getting into your organism. Most importantly, it is treating the actual cause for which the physical or mental disease has occurred, thus taking it away from the roots.

VP: Please describe in short about hypnotherapy, past life therapy and pranic healing each.
ABS: Hypnotherapy is a treatment that is based on the premise that the mind and body do not work in isolation. It triggers the body’s physical and mental self-healing processes that lie in the sub conscious mind. When undergoing hypnotherapy, one is conscious and aware, but open to the power of suggestion. We cannot be induced to do anything against our will.

Past Life Therapy (PLT) is spiritual process of healing. It’s becoming conscious of what ails a person by revealing and resolving unresolved, present and past-life experiences affecting one’s health and quality of life. PLT is for resolving repressed or suppressed memories affecting virtually any issue such as addictions, weight issues, mood disorders, physical pains, anxieties, phobias and countless dysfunctions, without external use of drugs.

Hypnotherapy and PLT both can be used for reducing stress, overcoming fear, stagefright , shyness, developing self confidence, assertiveness, concentration, performance, anger management, improving relationship problems and much more.

Pranic healing is an ancient art and science of healing, using Prana or life energy and the chakras or energy centers to heal diseased energy levels in the body. By manipulating the body’s inherent vital energy, a state of good health is maintained.

VP: How do you decide which healing process to apply on your client?
ABS: When the client comes to me, initially, I take their case history in complete detail to understand what the main problem of the client is and accordingly, I choose which therapy to apply on that particular client. If the problem is physical, then I usually take the help of pranic healing and if it is psychological or any other, then I apply psychotherapy or hypnotherapy or PLT (when the problem’s roots might be in their past lives, resolving the issue by taking them into their past lives).

VP: What kinds of cases do you usually get? Would you like to share any of the difficult cases you have encountered?
ABS: I usually get all sorts of clients having various kinds of physical and mental problems. I get many difficult cases. One such particular case, was of a client with a complaint of food allergy and sun allergy. She had been taking medicine, for it for the last 20 years but to no effect. I applied both hypnotherapy and PLT to her and after 5-6 sessions, she was completely healed.

VP: What are the earning prospects in this field?
ABS: The earning prospect is very good but it depends on how well established a healer you are. Once people know about what you are doing and how beneficial it is for them, then earning is not a problem.

VP: Alternate healers are more successful in the West than in India. Your take on that?
ABS: Here, I don’t agree with you. All these alternative medicine and therapies, which are being practiced, both in the Eastern and Western parts of the world, originated from India. In the ancient times, all these therapies were being practiced by our sages and rishis. Even in the present times, there are many alternate healers in India, who are practicing well. The fact is that even though they are successful, they are not getting much publicized, like not getting adequate exposure on the Net, as compared to their Western counterparts.

VP: What is the scope of alternative healing, do you foresee in India?
ABS: There is tremendous scope of alternative healing. As I mentioned earlier, more the people become aware about these therapies, the more they will come for treatment. That is exactly what is happening now. Current trends indicate that in future, this will further increase.

Mrs. Anuradha Banerji Sarkar practices at Chittaranjan Park and at Asian Games Village in Delhi. For further details, she can be contacted at 919811059469 or e-mail at [email protected]

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