Interview with Mr. Tajendra Khanna, Lt. Governor of Delhi

Mr. Tajendra Khanna is the Lt. Governor of Delhi and he has served our country in many ways. Two years back when I was in twelfth class I got this opportunity to interview a renowned personality like him. Mr. Khanna is also the Chairman of the Audit Committee of Directors of the Company. He is a person with immense knowledge and understanding. He truly is the icon of perfection.

So, here are the few excerpts from our 1 hour talk.

Q. What was your ambition when you were in your teens?
Ans. As a teenager I always wanted to serve humanity. I felt joining politics would give me a certain amount of power that is required to bring about the changes you dream off.

Q. We all know you as a multifaceted personality? Please tell us the secret behind it. Ans. First the blessing of the almighty. I feel if you are physically fit, you can do as many things as you wish. If you have understanding capability and you are able to relate to things easily, then you should be able to do many things pretty easily.

Q. Which do you think is the most appalling thing about Delhi?
Ans. Certainly, the roads are a big turn off.

Q. Delhi is not one of the most women friendly cities. What do you think needs to be done to cleanse the image of the capital of our country?
Ans. I really feel that women emancipation is the need of the hour. It is not something that can happen overnight. We need to inculcate women respecting values in boys from childhood. We have sent a circular across all the Delhi schools to teach the boys below V111 standard how and why to respect women.

Q. Students these days tend to go down the wrong line. What is your take on that?
Ans. I feel the value system and sanskars have a great role to play here. If a person knows that Nicotine is bad for health and the other one is stressing him to have it, he should speak out that it does not fit his value system so he wont be able to take it.

Q. How do you distress yourself?
Ans. Whenever I feel stressed, I go to a perfect silence zone and meditate.

Q. Whom do you look up as your idle when you were a teenager?
Ans. I had some excellent role models in Swami Vivekananda, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Arjun Dev Ji.

Q. Last but not the least, What is your message to the youth?
Ans. If I can sum it up all in one sentence, my message to the youth is “BE 24 CARAT GOLD PEOPLE”. Our nation, despite having the best of talents, is lagging behind due to the “chalta hai” attitude which is costing us dearly. Many talented people after reaching high posts don’t use their talents to the fullest of their potentials. I advise you people, that whatever you chose to do, do it the best.

Abha Goel