Interview With Mr.Yuvhraj Singh; An Artistic Genius

A friend, a mentor, an inspiration, creator of his own destiny, ‘YUHVRAJ SINGH’ is actually the king of all. He is a choreographer and a director of not only dance but of his lifestyle as well. He is a true motivator and a hardworking personal who believes in chasing his dreams, and that nothing is impossible in this world.

At the young age of 30 he is a choreographer, a director, a musician and a successful entrepreneur. He is a dazzling performing artist and his artistic brilliance mesmerizes the audience. For him dancing is a mode of communicating with god and searching his own inner self. A firm believer of lord Krishna, he truly is a remarkable example of creating his own destiny and life.

It started as a dream yet unlike many people he had the strength to fulfill his dream. Life for him has been a roller coaster of both happiness and problems yet he has always shown remarkable strength and resilience to face his problems. From selling shirts for his father on a street stand to running away to Mumbai in search for the meaning of life and his own individuality to opening his own academy of performing arts, he truly has come a long way in his journey of life.

He has always been a commander, a leader and a teacher, from being a best scout to being a commander in republic day parade to being a karate champion and most importantly to being a teacher to so many he truly is an inspiration to all.

His achievements are so many from being a fantastic choreographer who has worked with a director like Imtiaz Ali. He has also worked on films like Socha Na tha and Love aaj kal. However, one of the most characteristic achievements of his has been opening is own academy of performing arts called ‘THE DREAMZ’ in 2004, which has been like an alchemist of promoting dreams of many and helping them find their own self via mode of dance. His workshops and performances not only promote young talent but also stimulate their dreams.

Having lived a parallel life in his journey to search his individuality in Mumbai, i.e. living both a lifestyle where he had spent days with people who had no money and sleeping on footpaths to partying with people who had millions. His stay in Mumbai truly made his him appreciate him his own life and gave him desire to create his own name and destiny.

Years ago being his student and now interviewing him, I came to a conclusion that he is one of the most positive persona one can ever find. He understands and motivates people and helps them to fulfill their dreams. His hard work and strength are totally amazing. His faith in god and talent is remarkable. He believes in imparting his knowledge so that he can learn even more to give to his students and when he performs he simply takes everyone’s breath away.

Presently he is working on promoting performing arts all over India, in schools and colleges of various states. His academy ‘The Dreamz’, being an integral part of ‘THE HINDUSTAN TIMES – PACE’ has conducted dance workshops in not only Delhi but also different parts of India. He is now currently working on a project called ‘THE DREAMZ FESTIVAL’ which would give a platform to all the students all over India to perform on stage. This would be held in the first week of December in Delhi. It had been a part of the summer workshop, organized by ‘HT – PACE’ called Kalakriti.

To conclude I would say Mr. YUVHRAJ SINGH is one of the most remarkable and honest people I have met so far. His artistic brilliance is at par with his humble nature. A true motivator and a perfect guru he is truly a YOUTH ICON and inspiration to all those who want to find their strength to fulfill their dreams.

Aarshi Dua