Interview With NUN Promoter, Mr. Jain

NUN, a lifestyle brand with a cheeky edge, brings to every girl, a space she lives in, a place where she belongs and a face she entertains. The spirit of NUN is a wild child, belle and rebelle! Giving street fashion a touch of royalty, NUN brings to every chica “Neo Queen of the Street”, her own fashion statement for this autumn winter.

We caught up with the promoter of NUN, Mr. Anchal Jain, who gave us a little insight into what NUN is all about.
Q- How did I Am Nun come to manifest?

Like every dream, the story of NUN begins in the tender relationship between a father and a teenage daughter. While buying clothes for my daughter Tanvi in stores all over the world, I noticed that whatever I bought her found favor not just with her, but with her circle of friends too.

Which is when the inspiration and germination for the idea of NUN was born

Q- What made the company choose the target audience of young girls?

Since the brand was an inspiration from the one of the promoter and her friends, it was obvious to set the target around the same age band.

A NUN intricately captures the DNA of its audiences. It represents the girl of the new millennium; confident, bold, edgy, adventurous and unafraid – a girl with a strong individual style quotient, a girl who believes fashion should be fun.

From the girlish days of youth to the first halting steps into adulthood, to be truly NUN you must buckle your seat belts and live NUN. There is no other way by which you will be able to say Iamnun.

Q- NUN is in some ways trying to create a cult amongst young girls. How is that being done? Do you have a membership base?

Sisterhood. Again NUN is a lifestyle where the girls become NUN. We have an active sisterhood which is distinctly advantageous, fun and crazy. For example, there was a NUN private sale only for the members so while a NUN was paying 50% of the price of her purchase, the girl next to her was paying full price! Advantages like this which make them passionate about the brand and feel privileged to be NUN. They feel motivated to spread the word and rope in more girls like them who will love to be NUN. It is perceived as an identity and girls are encouraged to be a part of it. The benefits get bigger and better based on a member’s participation and interest taken in various initiatives.

Q- Your stores guarantee a different customer experience. Could you give us a sneak peak into what you have in store for them?

The idea behind the NUN store was not only to give its consumer something to wear but also to provide them with an environment that makes them feel comfortable. A space that they can call of their own and also a space that compliments the concept of the brand. Each of the stores have been designed to provide a visual and psychological comfort factor to the consumer. The concept has been further exemplified by the way of quirky graffiti in the changing room. The funk that we bring to the store is an element that brings a smile to the consumers face. Other way is by the Wall Vinyl stickers that are there to express the inner belle rebelle spirit of Nun. They help create the spaces to blossom the young minds of the consumers who shop here.

Q-The Eastwind music festival brought a lot of visibility to the NUN brand. What was the thinking behind doing such an event? Is another event in the pipeline?

Eastwind – the reason to be part of the music festival was to really communicate and personify the NUN lifestyle. Just like how every genre of music inspires or appeals to a distinct personality, similarly at NUN girls discover or identify with their multifaceted personalities. Music is also an important and effective way to connect with the young. NUN is a lifestyle and not just another brand. A girl becomes NUN and she adopts it as a lifestyle. At the stores we have music inspired merchandise and we will always find reasons to promote music, whether it is supporting an upcoming artist or organising an event.

Eastwind accommodated 60 original bands across genres; it made perfect sense to support the show. Through the event we made the much desired connect with the music lovers and had the opportunity to expose what NUN believes and stands for…music, party, friends, originality and more…No event as yet .

Q- Is the designing and manufacturing done entirely in India?

Yes we have an in house team that does both for us.

Q – How is “I am Nun” different from the other choices (brands) that a girl will have when buying a product?

NUN is different from other brands in the sense that it appeals to girl’s lifestyle and individuality. It is for every girl who believes in her own expression. Our efforts are to provide a girl the means to define her space and expression be it through what she wears or her room. NUN celebrates the thought of being different of being original. While the designs are distinctly different, they are very original to a particular personality of a girl. The stores are not like any other store but an attempt to build an environment or space where a girl intuitively feels at home and comfortable. The complete effort of the brand through stores, merchandise, events, activities is to understand a girl’s lifestyle and bring that forward with NUN.

Q- What’s the latest in fashion which girls must look out for?

Giving street fashion a touch of royalty, NUN, a lifestyle brand with a cheeky edge suggests to every chica her own fashion statement for this autumn winter.

Straight from the Queen’s land the collection is inspired by the neo punk, Carnaby street fashion of London. Depicting serious drama through the Acid Glam look merged with video colours, the designs give an essence of English rock with a dose of high spirit and energy.

Unleash your own style, decide your own fashion, beat the usual and select the new quintessence for your life. The trends this season includes products from this bizarrely appealing range that allows you to design your persona and wear your mood and your wild lifestyle. Whether its “Graphic checks” or “a Skull bag”, the grunge mesh fabrics give you a hint of what makes a Nun ‘Neo Queen of the Street’.