Interview with Rahul Saini

Reading his books make you feel that they are a part of your life. Your entity, your personality and your aura everything will be connected and reflected in his story. You will find yourself in his protagonists. I was really lucky or say fortunate to interview him as he is one of my favourite authors. An acquaintance with him was just not great but it was super fun! He is basically a witty and humourous person to be with. A long chat with him is as effective as his book. Well, maybe he hasn’t been quite lucky to bag any award related to his field, but I can assure you that his books are surely worth winning some. If told something about him, then well he is an author. A great author who writes contemporary fiction.
Born and brought up in Jalandhar and studied in St. Joseph Boy’s School, he was always an average student. Rahul later came out of his dilemma regarding his career and decided to be an architect. So he followed his to Gurgaon where he studied architecture from Sushant School of Art and Architecture. Writing had always been a passion and a source of attaining nirvana for him. The most ironic thing is that he had never been into writing.  his articles weren’t even published in his school or college magazine. You are shocked by reading this right! So was I. Well, his talent was soon discovered by Srishti Publication. Which soon lead to the publication of two best sellers i.e. Those Small Lil Things in Life and Love and Just Like in the Movies. He has acted like an inspiration for me and you will start believing me if you read his two novels! Well, without much ado. Let me tell you what conversation we had!

From architecture to author, how has the transition been so far?
Rahul: It hasn’t made any special difference because I am leading that normal life which I used to live when I wasn’t an established a writer. I am still that same Rahul which I was before and will always be.

How did writing happen?
Rahul: Well, it’s a long and a funny story. There was this girl in Orkut who was my online friend. She had this profile picture of her carrying a history question paper with ‘History Sucks’ written on it. I was like “Why do you hate history coz it’s the origin of human existence!” She said, “I dont like to study as whole!” So I asked her whether she liked reading or not and she said, “Reading is almost like reading then why should I study?” So I told her that I would send her something. So that his how the first chapter of my story began!

So was it never your plan?
Rahul: Yes, I obviously had planned for it. But that was just a push!

Who has been your inspiration all these while?
Rahul: For me, everything that surrounds me is my inspiration. I don’t write because I am inspired by someone but I write because nature inspires me. A stoke of the breeze or the pollution, anything and everything inspires me.

What is the origin of your interest of writing?
Rahul: When I was studying architecture, we were taught various aspects of art! Photography, painting, psychology. to be precise our course was diverse. So I mainly thought of writing a book in college. I still remember that I started writing a book there. It was about all my friends and whenever we used to read it. We would have nothing but a hearty laugh!

What do you think people should do if they want to take writing books as a career?
Rahul: I think budgeting is very important and so is dedication. Yes, management is also important, especially time management. Financing is very important as publicity needs a lot of money!

Architecture or Writing which has been a better option?
Rahul: Obviously writing coz it’s something I like. It gives me pleasure!

So what are you planning to do in future?
Rahul: Well, I am writing my third book, right now! It will come out soon!

Any message to our teenagers?
Rahul: Yes, Don’t follow everything that the media does. Always follow your heart. Understanding yourself is also an important thing.

Any message for our Viewspaper?
Rahul: Always make wise and right decision. One more thing is very important to know. My favourite movie happens to be Spiderman and I really admire one line that “With great power, comes great responsibility!”  It’s always good to know your responsibility and adhere to that!

Anokhi Dasgupta