Interview with Varun Singhal

Varun Singhal, is a nineteen year old teenager, who dreams big. He is a young entrepreneur who is studying Bachelor of Commerce at Delhi University. He owns an E-commerce website GamesGarage in partnership with his cousin. He is responsible for the marketing and public relations of the firm. Their website is known to be the coolest hub for gamers in India. You name it, they have it. It is an online retail store relating to games.

In a very short span of time, Varun has managed to attract many online gamers from India as well as abroad. With a strong sense of gaming and knack for business management, he has been able to expand his clientele which includes-Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Razer, JBL, Harmon Kardon, Rockstar, Ea games, Coolermaster, Thrustmaster, Logitech, Senheiser and hundreds of other hundreds of Companies. They aspire to organise gaming events in the future under GamesGarage. To have an insight into his website and his life, read the interview.

1.Despite of India being dormant in the gaming industry, why did you choose to be part of it?

Knowing the fact that India being dormant, we too were depressed about the thinking of the big gaming companies who still think that gaming in India is a bad investment. But being an Indian and a gaming enthusiast at the same time we know the demands and expectations of passionate gamers, who wants such a place that may be physical or oriental where he can meet his demand. So we chose to provide them a platform where they can freely buy and sell things, there are blogs play area and other stuff which would keep them updated.

2.What has inspired you to enter into business at such an young age?

Basically, I belong from to a business family and running business is in my blood and I thought why not do something in which I have interest. Moreover, I found a partner who is on the same lines. As soon as I finished my 10+2 we started working on this, with a blueprint in mind of my partner we started with a surge. The very thought of opening up a business of our own is the inspiration and the dreams that we saw wanted in some way to subsequently build.

3. What is the that part of your website, which makes it stand out from other online gaming retail outlets?

Simply, that we deal in anything and everything related to gaming makes our website leap out of the lot. We are the first gaming e-commerce website in indiaIndia. Secondly, we deliver products all over India without any shipping charges. Apart from that we have special selects on our website, which offers loads of variety to a gamer, great deals and discounts.

4.Is further expansion of GamesGarage, the ultimate destination of yours? Would you like to be a part of business dealing in goods and services in a normal course of action?

I haven’t still stopped dreaming about the ultimate destination!! Work is already in progress for expansion and let’s hope we do it well. Gaming industry is very huge, so I have decided to concentrate and conquer the same first…

5. GamesGarage,which has a soaring list of clients and expansive customer base. Is there anything, which your company lacks?

USP (unique selling proposition) is what our company lacks as we do not have anything unique and different from the market to offer to people, on which we are thinking and trying to remove the same as our limitation.

6. What is your future course of action apart from GamesGarage?

There is no doubt that I aspire big and want to really stand out of the crowd. So my focus is on doing something different but the basic qualification is neccesarynecessary. I have studies on my way, doing MBA in marketing after this would be a suitable option.

7. At this age, being an entrepreneur, what advice would you give to the people aiming the same?

Dream!! I would only advice that never stop dreaming and never stop giving the the way to them, even the smallest way may sometimes work.

8.What is the future of the gaming industry in India?

Keeping a tab on the demands of the people, yes we can say that gaming industry has a bright future, with the all round development of the country and increasing luxuries and livelihood gaming industry would grow, though gradually but would grow beyond expectations

9. What are your interests and hobbies apart from gaming?

Apart from gaming I love swimming, hanging out with friends and travelling to places. I enjoy the most with my family being most they are aneternal part of my life.

10. Do you think that to make a business very successful, educational qualifications from reputed colleges is are required?

Getting education from anywhere would do, as in my opinion, implementing the same is more important, moreover the former may help you in some initial stages but latter would work throughout your life.

Ashna Dhuper