i.jpgI recently learned about a social networking community called Orkut. My friend urged me to join the community and sent me an e-form to be filled .As I sat in front of the CRT screen and began to fill the form; the first section demanded me to write few lines on “about me”. About me? I ran my fingers on the keyboard but to my surprise, couldn’t hit any key .Obviously because I didn’t know what to write. Strange! I could have written pages on somebody else’s “about me” section, but when it came to mine, I was clueless. I sat there for hours trying to find what to write, but in vain.

Well, all this made me curious to know myself. I realized I needed to interview myself, and this interview was all to be with myself. “I” would be the interviewer and my inner self “I”, the interviewee.

I stepped into my inner self. There I met ‘I’ who I was to interview. Sitting in seclusion was ‘I’, who welcomed me for coming there and asked me to have a seat.

I: I have come here to know myself.

I: (With a smile on his face) Since ages, people have been trying to find out the answer to this question. Every ‘I’ has interviewed hundreds of other ‘I’s but today you have come to the right person. I shall answer all your questions.

I: The first question to you is “can you tell me something about me?”

I: You are the world personified. The world that you see outside is a mere illusion and all who are like you are a victim of it.

Well, this was not the kind of answer I was expecting. I came there to get something to write in my Orkut column. But after hearing I’s answer I somehow forgot Orkut and was totally in awe of I’s answer. I decided to continue with the interview, and this time with a new purpose- to really know myself.

I: If everything is inside, why can’t we see it? If not see why don’t we even feel it? Why don’t our sense organs sense this real world?

I: To see this world you need to have eyes of consciousness. You are so busy with the world outside that you overlook this world. You don’t see the inner world but yes, you do sense it, feel it. All those moments of happiness, sadness, excitement, life, death everything…. is the element of your inner world and you are misguided thinking it is a reaction to the outer world. It is in fact a result of the workings of your inner world.

I: But with this information how can I define myself? I do not know what my likes and dislikes are…

I: Your mind is not stable, and you change your choices by the hour. To know what you like and what you dislike- be a deaf frog. Listen to your soul. It is pure, unaffected by Maya. It will never mislead you. Be a deaf frog and follow your soul’s voice. It will give you all the answers.

This probably was the answer to all questions. I finally knew the mantra to know myself- Be a deaf frog.

My interview session was coming towards an end, but I had got the answer I was seeking. Also I’s time is precious. There might be many I’s like me wanting to interview I. Giving my thanks I walked out of my inner self. And yes, now I can write “about me”!