iOS 8: Top 5 Apps That You Have To Check Out


It’s Completely Next Generation

Every tech enthusiast in the world was waiting for the launch date of the new phone in 2014. But the World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) saw the demo of the new iOS 8 that is due to be launched in fall, a release that Apple believes is the biggest since they introduced the App Store.

Now the iOS 8 definitely has a lot of swanky features and cool new applications, but the news doing the rounds is the similarities between the upgrades that the iOS 8 offers with already existing features in Android phones. Yes, many features in the new OS take off from features that Android has been offering to its users since 2012, but Apple has not just taken those features, it’s made them the best that they can be.

Take a look at the entire presentation at the WWDC over here:

But if you’re in a bit of a rush, here’s our top five to look out for in the iOS 8:

1. Health

Apple has introduced a new application called Health. Most people have some health related app on their phones, whether its Nike Running or WebMD, but with Health, you’ll be able to have access to all your health needs in one place. So, while you don’t need to step into a different app to check your blood pressure and a different one to keep a tab on your diabetes, you can access other apps from the App Store through this in-built Health app.

But that’s not all; Apple has gone one step further and collaborated with leading hospitals around the United States of America, and that allows you to give a consolidated history of your health to your doctor in any of these hospitals. But the best part is their collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, which will be able to provide users proactive medical attention if and when their health app detects an irregularity in their blood pressure (for example). This app isn’t just convenient, it takes holistic health care to a whole different level; one that puts monitoring patient care at the forefront.

2. iMessage

While we all use Whatsapp or Snapchat, we all know that iMessage is one of the iPhones’s signature features. In the iOS 8, developers have done just about everything to make iMessage nothing short of brilliant. Its Whatsapp, Snapchat and all your other messaging services rolled into one.

Take group chats for example.

Till now you could be part of an iMessage group chat and share pictures and voice notes etc. Now, not only can you send pictures and voice notes but with easy action buttons, you can send a recording, a video and a photo with just one swipe. You can even press on the “details” button at the top right hand corner and see all the pictures you’ve ever shared on the group and even the locations of the other members of the group. That’s the other thingwith iMessage, you can now share your location with other members of the group, for an hour, for a day or for an indefinite amount of time. It’s completely out of this world.

But here’s my favourite part. You know how you’re sitting at work and your Whatsapp keeps buzzing because people on groups that you’re part of, continue to message each other. It’s extremely annoying. But what you can’t do on Whatsapp is enable a “Do Not Disturb” application for that particular group. That’s what iMessage lets you do; you’re still a part of the group but you don’t need to be annoyed with constant messages unless you allow it.

Better yet, the interactive notifications allow you to listen to voice messages by simply raising the phone to your ear, and responding to them the same way; just talk into the phone and your voice message is automatically sent off to its recipient.

3. Interactive Notifications

Yes, Android already provides this trick to all its users, but Apple makes it look good. With interactive notifications in the new iOS, you can respond to messages or accept calendar invites simultaneously, without having to exit the app that you were already using. All you have to is pull down the notification and the easy action buttons let you respond to messages, Facebook notifications and a lot of other updates.

With a swipe to the left and a click on the right, you can do two things at once. It allows you to be efficient, on the go and responsive at all times.

4. Siri

Now here’s a problem that most iPhone users in India have had; how many times have you asked Siri to call your friend “Aishwarya” for example, and she’s said something like “I don’t understand.”

It’s happened with me on more than one occasion, but that will no longer be the case. Not only can you activate Siri by just saying “Hey Siri”, but Siri also has streaming voice recognition and is integrated with Shazam so it can identify a song playing in your car and can even purchase that song from iTunes. But the best thing for us: It now has 22 new dictation languages. Which means, the chances that Siri may now be able to understand all our Indian names are so much stronger.

5. Family Sharing

Here’s a completely new feature that the iOS 8 offers, its called Family Sharing. This great new feature allows you add as many as iPhone users on your phone, and then share photos, videos and reminder lists etc. all through one interface.
So instead of going into your Photos app and creating a shared folder between you and the rest of your family members, all of you have to do is share an album on Family Sharing and everyone in your family will be able to view the photos from that vacation to Europe in a jiffy.

But it’s not just that, Family Sharing also lets you access music and downloaded applications on another family member’s phone and download the same on your phone. It’s basically what you’ve wanted to do for so long and now you’ll be able to do exactly that.

So these were our top five picks for the new iOS 8. But don’t think that this all that it has to offer. There’s so much more in the iOS 8 that we’re all just dying to get our hands on.

From Photos to HomeKit to Enterprise, the iOS 8 has something to offer everyone. It’s worth waiting for and it’ll definitely be worth using.

Aishwarya Dravid

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