Iphone 3G

After announcing and introducing the original iPhone in 2007, to follow up that ‘Invention of the Year’ according to Time Magazine in 2007, Apple released the iPhone 3G in 2008 by editing its predecessor with faster 3G data speeds and assisted GPS in addition. Upon its release in 2008, iPhone 3G appear with major great features of a Smart phone. Though renowned as the high quality image in hardware and software, it is undeniable to say that iPhone 3G got some glitches too. With a premiere cost of $199 (now only $99), being cheaper than its pioneer’s makes this product not quite prominent yet powerful. Check some facts below:

Check On the Abilities

iPhone 3G prefers Wi-Fi to either. So while discovering or entering Wi-Fi networks, it will be automatically asked to join and can be deactivated individually. Also, iPhone 3G offers desktop-class email, an amazing Maps application and Safari- the world’s most advanced mobile web browser. Well, however it does not support either adobe flash or Java which is telling us that browsing the internet is way limited. Besides, knowing that the iPhone 3G support the 3rd generation, it doesn’t make any better than another typical 3G Smart phone to download files marginally less than 10 mb over cellular networks.

Check Those Facilities

Talking about multimedia, there is no such question for music and images to an Apple product. The iTunes will always be attractive and pimps the iPhone 3G to be more stylist. And like the previous version, iPhone 3G also features a built-in fixed focus 2.0 Megapixel camera. It also has the capability of embedding location data in the pictures and so on and so further.
But now is the time to think over then wonder why Apple released the iPhone 3G without noticing some details, like MMS, ‘a must’ multimedia service for a Smart phone. Users cannot open pictures and videos sent to them. And there, inside the phone still got no video recording capability. See? Come on…

Check Trick(s) for Its Simplicities

iPhone 3G brings out the new feature to cut, copy, and paste with a good look of landscape keyboard. But actually, it is not that easy. User needs to find the trick(s) to make it easy to cut, copy and paste images, web pages and words in iPhone 3G.

In general, those checks might be not the only facts to measure the mediocrity of iPhone 3G. In my humble opinion, iPhone 3G needs something ‘more’ to be the successor of the phenomenal iPhone.
Coming up no longer than a year, the version 3.0 of the iPhone OS for the iPhone (and iPod Touch) along with the iPhone 3GS was announced in mid-year of 2009. The iPhone 3GS has been improved by the performance of the ‘looks’, higher resolution camera with video capability and voice control. Overall, it has exactly what the iPhone 3G is lack of. Maybe, other brands could learn more by knowing this occurrence.