iPhone 6 And The iWatch: Get A Preview


Yes, yesterday was the much awaited day for all the iPhone lovers. To add to the exciting launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Tim Cook released the anticipated iWatch as well. The newly launched Apple products have taken the both mainstream media and social media by a storm. Tim cook announced that the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will be available for orders from September 12.

The iPhone 6 is a smartphone with 4.7 inches screen, while the iPhone 6 Plus will be out in the phablet (hybrid of phone and tablet) market. With the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Apple faced quite a challenge in the market with many of its consumers discarding their iPhone for the Samsung’s phablet, Galaxy Note 4. However, this year, Apple has two releases, smartphone and phablet, which could gain back its lost consumers from last year.

Both the iPhones are sleek, stylish, and elegant. iPhones have always been known for being user-friendly, Not to mention, both the released iPhones have great features with a catchy look. This year’s innovation includes a better battery life than that of the iPhone 5S. It has an HD resolution screen display. With the growing popularity of selfies, the front camera is also better than that of the 5S.

Follow the video below to get a look of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

On the other hand, changing the history of digital watch, Apple’s iWatch will be available for sale from early next year as announced by Tim Cook at the launch venue yesterday. You can get the first look of the iWatch and learn about its features from the video below

Since its coming to the market, Apple has been widely acclaimed for its innovative and extraordinary products. However, with the recent incident of Apple’s iCloud getting hacked, many are also beginning to question whether Apple products can lay out safe user experience, or can it only offer innovation and style?

Pallavi Sharma

[Image Source: http://cdn1.appleinsider.com/gallery/10401-2611-c13a9a580298cc394def04d2011338ad401cfdf5_large_2x-l.png]