iPhone 6 To Release Soon: What To Expect


Apple is set to launch it’s yet another Smartphone, the all new iPhone 6. Rumors about its release date are doing the rounds and apparently, the date set by the company is fifteenth and twenty fifth of September this year. Unlike in the previous years, last year Apple came out with two releases, 5S and the colorful 5C. This year too, Apple will be providing options to its customers by releasing two of its Smartphones in the same month.

Apple came out with its first Smartphone in the year 2007. Since then the brand that is prestigiously named “Applehas reached enormous heights. The world, with the inception of a generation of “iPhoners” has witnessed a revolution in technology. Now companies like Samsung, Nokia, and HTC have all joined the race against time, bringing out innovations that have penetrated the people on a very deep level. Each of these companies are fighting a battle with the other to reach superior heights. While some of them have gone for affordable price like Micromax and Nokia, others like Samsung and HTC continue to polish their quality.

While most of these companies sell on their money value and quality, Apple has sold out from the brand name it stands for. However, this does not mean that Apple does not showcase quality. With prices going as high as fifty thousand or more Indian rupees, Apple still continues to create uproar among customers. Many even discard the ones brought just the previous year to walk hand in hand with Apple’s innovation by buying the upgraded version that gets launched every year.

Based on the rumors, here are few expectations for the all new Apple iPhone 6:

So all the iPhoners fascinated by these features, you can start saving up for this new launch that set to reach your doorsteps this September.

Pallavi Sharma

Image Source [http://www.hdwallpapers.in/walls/apple_tv-wide.jpg]