Is Education enough to be Civilized?

Every single morning of my college life, I would wake up to see my room mate waste tons of water.  Every single request from me, to change this awful habit of his would invite, well let’s say tons of mockery and criticism. It always made me ask one question.  Is a college degree enough to make us civilized?
Shouldn’t there be clear distinction between educated and less educated. Shouldn’t the educated be more caring, more polite, and more aware and shouldn’t they be more law abiding. Every day we see so many people break traffic rules. I mean shouldn’t an educated man be more patient.
We don’t even think twice before littering our surroundings as if it was our own house, in fact we would be more careful if it were our own house.  A friend of mine in his defence over the inconsiderate act of his said “I can’t go around looking for a dust bin; it is the duty of the government to get these things in place”. Should I agree with what he said?  He has a point after all, but all of us can’t go about looking for an excuse for every thing we do.  No country’s government stands a chance without its people contributing a little, I mean we are not doing anything for the country at least lets not do any harm to it.
In a conversation where a 22 year old, mother of 2 children gets dragged out of her house, gets ripped of her clothes and gets tied to a tree all because her husband gets killed unexpectedly in an accident and the entire village claims her to be a witch. And my dear ‘educated friend’ totally agrees with the situation. I was shocked! In his defence he explained that we probably won’t understand this because we haven’t seen all this by our own eyes.  Hundreds of women getting abused and molested because few unaware, uncivilized and few educated, uncivilized men claim to have witnessed such encounters. It is truly a shame for our society.
If we take a look at any aspect of the society, we will never be able to differentiate between an educated or a less educated or an uneducated person. Does that make us say that education has not brought the desired change in the habits, thinking or the way we lead our lives. Is it the education system or is it just the way we perceive it? But the education these days provides us with bargaining power to get more results instead of providing us with courage to fight non-righteousness.
In the end I would like to conclude by saying that education is not a very difficult thing for most of us to acquire in our country but what we do with it, really makes a big difference, because without the civility in us, we all are nothing but a bunch of educated illiterates.
Abhishek Dahiya