Is Europe Collapsing Under The Extremism Of ISIS?

isisThe Islamic State’s war on Europe seems to have entered a dangerous new phase, evolving from highly coordinated operations on the grand boulevards of Paris and Brussels to amateur assaults in the hinterlands that have suddenly turned anyone, anywhere into a target.

The rapid-fire nature of the attacks in Europe over the past two weeks is confounding European intelligence agencies, at times turning terrorism response into a ground war fought by already stretched local police. Following the latest attack — the brutal slaying of a small-town priest in France — the violence has felt almost like the start of the uprising that the Islamic State has been attempting to spark among its sympathizers in the West for years.

It’s a mass diffusion of the phenomenon of ISIS, and it’s quite worrying. Is Europe slowly going to buckle under the might of jihadi-driven soldiers, who want to spread nothing but destruction? In a bid to make heaven for themselves after death, they are intentionally make the life on earth, nothing but hell.

ISIS is spreading like a brand, while they are struggling to keep their bases intact in Syria and Iraq, they are steadily expanding their brand everywhere else. With almost every country going high on deradicalization of youth population, or those influenced by ISIS ideologies, the kind of fear instilled worldwide is no joke. ISIS is a threat, a threat that endangers life and promises to take them.

In times as such, where there are recurrent bombings in Syria, Baghdad, and regular attacks in Europe, is the thought of a war coming impertinent?

Europe is now increasingly becoming a playground for young, home grown terrorists, who are either swayed by the glamour propaganda of the ISIS or are just being plain stupid. Over a span of three years, the continent has witnessed terrorism on the scale that was unprecedented before.

Is the problem of alienation and racism that has gripped the culturally-empowered Europe, finally resulting in young Muslims wanting to get attached to the propaganda of ISIS?


Being a graduate in history, we are taught to trace the current events and look for the answers from the past. We no longer live in the past, but we can certainly learn a thing or two from it. Even in our country, we can see the treatment of Dalit, as Sudras and untouchability makes a comeback. Is the answer for what Europe is reeling under, also in the past?

Europe is rediscovering terror. Paris, Brussels, Nice, Cologne and Munich. In all of this, one discerns a faint sense of history repeating itself, but under a different sky. Certain conditions of India a thousand years ago could describe today’s Europe. History tends to repeat itself, if only we would learn.

Ancient India was once the same as Europe is now. There was culturalism, great diversity, and some wealth to go by. In the obliviousness of all this, they forgot the malicious thoughts surrounding and trying to burst the bubble of the good la la land. Soon, there was looting of wealth, thoughts hindering their liberal ideas, people getting enslaved, a lot of attacks and killings- the same Europe is facing now.

There always comes terror, the terror that comes from facing a ferocious foe, determined to sack, loot, rape, pillage and destroy.

History shows us that terrorism is not a new phenomenon. Just the methods of inflicting it have changed. So, do we learn from it and grow, or just dwell in it all over again?

Yugansha Malhotra

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