Is Forgiving Good?

Many a times I wonder if anyone hurts me so bad that I can’t think of keeping him/her in my good memories and good books, will I ever be able to forgive and forget him for the rest of my life? Will I be at peace again? Is forgiving a real remedy?

It’s no wonder people are quite sensitive towards matters of heart and a mere thought of “hurt”, “betrayal”, “infidelity” is an inevitable tear-jerker and a soul-shaker. We all have gone through our share of bad days. Hours of weeping, groaning and cribbing about the life unveiled which never brought us what we expected of it. Yes, it’s the fulminating expectations, massive insane beliefs and inextricable ideologies that wreak havoc with our lives. Some are victims of unrequited love, some sinking in the peer pressure, some not glad enough with the life they are leading for the simple reason it lacks the spark and then there are the ones who despite being on a straight road, make a complete hogwash of their lives. Such dumbness is nowhere to be found except here on the planet Earth where all kinds survive in their own unique fashion.

Time slips away in a blink. Day passes away swiftly. The thoughts that dwelled in our hearts find a new abode that is to say; we tend to shift them to the lowermost level while the uppermost being occupied by those remarkable thoughts that ensure that the lowermost thoughts don’t intervene in our daily affairs. Splendid as it sounds. But what if there was a remedy to completely get rid of such oafish thoughts. What if the only solution to this problem lies in forgiving and forgetting the whole incessant battle of years? We barely do so. Our colossal egos come in the way. And yet again we become the slaves and let the mind rule over our heart.

Tomorrow is unknown, today is but your own. A sure shot way to deal with daily problems is to live each day as it comes. Carpe diem – seize the day and forget about the teeny-weeny tiffs, skirmishes you had earlier. Erase the memories that are hurtful and replace them with the pleasant ones. It’s better to get rid of junk as soon as possible. You are born once so why punish yourself and do harm to your beautiful soul. As far as life goes, it’s indeed short to mull over those who don’t give a damn about you.

Precisely it’s a snitch-snatch world. So do everything to your heart’s content as long as it’s making you happy. Riding the carousel of life is fun only if you can bear the ups and downs with your might and never throw up later when the ride is over. Therefore, forgiving isn’t stooping

or bowing down in front of your master, it’s a brave way of making some room in your heart for the good times that are yet to come.