Is Islamic Terrorism On Rise Or Islam Hatred Is?


Donald Trump may find it tough to gather the votes of progressive thinkers in his own country, however, he has definitely stuck a chord with few people in India, who recently held a ‘pooja’, praying for his win in the elections. After his recent slamming of Indians, the support might seem perplexing. Nonetheless, letting the bygones be bygones, certain people have branded him as the ‘saviour’ of humanity. But, on what grounds?

Apparently, there are many people who support Trump’s view on Muslims and the religion of Islam in general. Since his nomination, he has been in news due to his prejudice and bigotry stand against the religion. Generalising the sect-followers as terrorists or harbringers of chaos is nothing but disappointing, and people who are in solidarity with his cause saddens me to a huge extent.

Islamophobia is the irrational fear or hatred of Muslims, and is not an uncommon occurrence in our country. People swear by the idea of all Muslims being terrorists, putting forth their own terrible idea of terrorism.

People have harboured a feeling of dislike for Muslims in general since a very long time. The hatred is visible when people boycott the musical shows performed by Pakistani singers; it is also visible when India is playing against Pakistan. No one would really care about the match, as long as India beats Pakistan, all is well in the world. However, is it the hatred towards Pakistanis that spikes most Indians or is it the hatred towards the people following Islam in general?


Relating terrorism of all sorts with the religion of Islam showcases our uninformed society. No religion teaches violence, and the downright interpretation of Islamic religion as being violent and vicious in nature, shows how militants manipulate and coax the holiness of a religion with their barbarianism.

From international travelling to booking a room in a hotel- all these daily unimportant tasks are a challenge for a Muslim due to the constant stereotype we burden them with. Of late, a Muslim IAS aspirant had to change his name, before scoring an All India Rank 316 due to his ‘controversial’ Islamic name. Due to his name, he was denied PG accommodation in Pune, which would have been really easy had he been a Kapoor, Jain, Malhotra, Singh or any other name that would proclaim his Hinduism.

What are we playing at? Till when are we going to judge a person by their religion, caste or gender? Till when are we going to outcast a person who follows the Islamic religion? Till what time are we going to harbour the thought that “all Muslims are terrorists?”

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When there is an urgent need for our society to be all inclusive, we are scattering the society further. Instead of assessing people with their individuality, we associate their actions with the stereotypical and highly unreliable thoughts centring their religion.

Anyone can be a terrorist, religion no bar. There’s nothing like Islamic terrorism, there is just terrorism that creates havoc. Period.

Yugansha Malhotra

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The Viewspaper