“What percentage did you get Raja?”

“I got 92 per cent daddy”

“What? How could you? You got one per cent less than Siddharth. You really disappointed me.”

This is a common scene between parents and their children, now-a-days. There is so much competition, today, that parents even out shadow their children’s percentage -comparing it with others!! Can you even imagine a parent scolding his child -even after getting 92 per cent? We cannot blame parents, either, because every parent expects his child to be the best. If this is not enough, students also face the pressure from their teachers – lots of homework, assignments, mid-term examinations, surprise quizzes, co-curricular activities etc. There is a mad race for everything, today. They say – if you are not the best, you cannot survive. Can’t people just be good, rather than being the best? For example, take an engineering student or a medical student. There are about 20 lakh people appearing for engineering entrance exams, from all over India. Do you expect all to be the best and turn up with huge salaries? If so many people become engineers, every year, then there won’t be people left for whom buildings should be made! The point is -quality is required and not quantity. There should be a fair system to judge people, rather than judging them on percentage or rank basis. Why is it that if you get a rank only then you get a seat, in a particular college? There are a greater number of entrance tests than the number of subjects in every field. Its not that exams should not be conducted, but just that a common entrance test and a fair grading system needs to be followed.

Our honorable Union Minister for the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Mr. Kapil Sibal, has come up with a brilliant idea of a common grading system and common board exams – all over India. Students will be judged on grades and not on marks or percentage!! It abolishes the system of discrimination of students on the basis of marks. A famous dialogue from a movie – “You should run after excellence, not after success. If you run after excellence, success will definitely follow you.”  If you excel in any field, success will surely follow. Not everybody can be the best but everyone can surely excel in their respective fields. Sometimes I wonder why parents force their children to take a particular stream. It should be left completely to the child to select his field of interest. Even if he doesn’t succeed, at least he will hold responsibility for himself, rather than putting the blame on his parents. There should be a healthy competition between the students and not a mad race to be the best.

Learning is more important than being the best!! It’s a lifelong process and everybody’s perception, about studies, needs to be changed!!

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