Is it just me or has F1 got boring?

FIA claimed that Formula One is going to be interesting and challenging this year onwards. Design limitations were going to be imposed on cars so that the back runners can also challenge and compete for points. This scheme came into picture after Ferrari and Mclaren dominated the last couple of years by sweeping the championship half way through the season. Although, a lot of core fans cursed the new rule, I personally felt that this was a very good move to promote the sport better. The one sport where the viewers are filled with adrenaline is Formula One and what matters are the driving skills and not the technology.


Some of the rules imposed were that V10 engines had to be replaced by V8 engines. Variable fuel flow was also banned and, hence, fine- tuning these engines was also a challenge. Wings dimensions were fixed by FIA and could not be violated. New engine regulations limiting the number of revolutions from 19k to 18k rpm which help preserve engines for more races. All teams had one question “Why the hell do you care”? FIA still went ahead and implemented these rules and all the teams followed them.


The season started in Melbourne and all F1 fans, filled with alacrity as always, expected a lot of action. Fans were showered with surprises with the new Brawn F1 team winning their debut race. Vettel giving his best shot to clinch the podium ended up in a crash during the last few laps. What FIA had predicted, after all, did happen. The time difference between first car and the last qualified car was under 1 second. With Ferrari and Mclaren struggling to make it to the top 10, all the back runners were on the top. However, the races started to become boring with no driver having the passion to risk it all for a victory.


For instance, Mark Weber pulls over in one of the races after complaining about bad light. The real reason being he was on top of world with his 6th place and was afraid he will lose if he drives on. Vettel, the guy who risked it all and blew his race away in the first race was asked to back off in the previous race (Turkey GP). His race engineer apprised him that his team mate Weber was faster and over taking him was not possible. However, the fact was Vettel was faster than Weber, all Red bull wanted was to see both their drivers on podium. Truli, Heidfied and many more follow this racing strategy, just because this is the first time these teams are reaching the top 10. With Ferrari, Mclaren and BMW out of the equation, all the back runners just make it to the top eight and sit tight forming a train. One day it is Truli’s train, the other day it is Vettel’s train in Monaco.


True racing is not about money, its not about winning, its just about pure racing. You give it your best shot till the end; that is the passion lacking in today’s F1 drivers. After watching the races where MSC has proved his magic of beating all odds after starting from the last in a race and having got a podium finish, F1 today has started to lack zeal. Just imagine, I slept halfway through the last two races. On top of all this, FIA is planning to impose more rules such as no fueling during a pit stop race. Apparently, it’s a real challenge for the drivers and the one who wins is the one who nurses his tyres during the entire race. Looking at the current attitude of the drivers and teams, I suppose we cannot expect any thing more, they will start dabbling on the track to save their tyre.

Balaji Venu

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