Is Justice Really Served?


Delhi Gang Rape Verdict Out!

“Death to all,”Judge Yogesh Khanna said.

The verdict is finally here:

The world is celebrating:

delhi-gang-rape-verdictAfter the four accused in the Delhi Gang rape were sentenced to death, by a fast track court—which by the way took seven months to give this verdict—there was a varied public reaction.


Bollywood celebrities tweeted:


IPS officer Kiran Bedi tweeted:



Home Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde said, “This was the rarest of rare crime…‘Damini’ and her family have got justice. I welcome the court ruling.”

Jharna Bhatnagar, who was one of the organisers of the protests outside Jantar Mantar in Delhi said, “I am satisfied as death is the maximum penalty in the Indian jurisprudence system. They were psychopaths. They deserved nothing less.”

Her sentiment seems to be echoed by the lot who are standing outside the Saket court in Delhi and distributing sweets and dancing. However there are also those who are questioning the effectiveness of the punishment.



Does this verdict assure that a woman who is walking alone on the road is safe? Does it assure that there will be no more rapes?

I don’t think so. Because I am still outraged about the fact that six men can violate a woman’s right to move around freely.

delhi-gang-rape-verdictPeople who are opposing this decision said that the death sentence does not act as a deterrent.

“Death sentence does not give the convict a chance to realize what he has done and to repent it,” Anupriya from the NGO, Jagori, a women’s rights organization, said.

Shailesh Rai, a researcher at Amnesty International India said, “The death penalty is not an effective way to tackle violence against women, and it deflects attention from the other more difficult steps that the government would need to take to effectively address the issue.”

So think before you start celebrating. Because while we are celebrating the justice for one daughter of India, there are thousand others who are still waiting for justice

Shraddha Jandial

So is it all worth distributing the sweets? Or should we now think about the ways we can put a stop to such crimes? Write in to us in the comment box below!

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