Is Marriage an Obligatory Term for Women?

We are living in the 21st century, a century which is a milestone for technological progress, a century which would be considered as the greatest in terms of development. But if we look back and see the plight of women, it would be soul stirring. Women are still standing where we left them.

A country where family values shape a person’s personality and a woman is considered to be a major contributor to a man’s success, in modern era it seems that once that success is achieved, a woman is only looked upon as a sex object and a human being who can be treated as an animal.

India has the highest percentage of domestic violence and the lowest divorce rate! Why is it so? Are we afraid of raising our voices against our husbands who beat us behind the closed doors? Are we afraid of our parents who married us off to a person who they thought was the one for us? Are we afraid of the society that thinks divorce is a taboo?

We do have women who are educated, independent and self-sufficient. For them, it might not be a great deal to call off the marriage and sustain on their own terms. But for a woman who is still dependent on her husband and eagerly waits for the first day of the month to receive her husband’s salary cannot even think of taking such a step in her entire life. She would bear all the physical and mental torture done to her just because she is devoted to her husband, because her kids are still to be raised!

I am not saying that divorce is the only possible solution to marital problems, but when it just cannot get better, then why to hold on to a relationship that has no meaning attached to it.

Marriage counselors have a major role to play in such cases. People who are going through tough marriage should consult a marriage counselor for advice. There are many women groups that work towards issues pertaining to women. A woman can take help from such organizations.

There is a dowry death every four hours in India. Are we still living in an era where a woman was a burden for her husband and that’s why dowry was essential? No. Then why to give dowry and get your daughter married off? A person who is clean since the beginning is the right person.

Marriage is a difficult institution to maintain. It can be hampered by dowry deaths and domestic violence. The reason can be any, but solutions are many! So I truly believe that a woman should not just keep numb because of her husband. Today we have got the power of social media where you can create and also there are so many organizations that come forward to help women. Raise your voice, be an example for the society and be the change!

Snigdha Verma