Is Media really helping the society?

Today is the era of showing off. Everywhere, people believe in being hyper, whether it’s a problem or it’s a solution. No one’s natural. So how can you expect media, the so-called “Representatives” of the society to be good and harmonious? Of couse not! If you think so, you are mistaken.

Once upon a time, the media was a solution to one’s problem. It helped people in getting justice, solved their problem, helped to bring out the problem in front of everybody and hence evoke the public support and so on. But it seems like a dream today. The past is gone, and the present is on. Today, the most impractical and feelingless is media. Don’t know how? I’ll explain that to you.

Well imagine yourself sinking in the river water. A person holding a mike, brings it before you and asks you-“How are you feeling?Do you think you will be saved? What will you do,if you’ll be saved?”and endless stupid and stubborn questions like that? Won’t you feel like pulling that person along with you and then ask him………..”How are you now feeling my friend?” Readers, let me tell you about the person in question here. In this complete instance it is the media person!

My only intention to write this instance is to make you aware of the fact that, if you think you can be helped by them,YOU are certianly WRONG! If in his place, it could have been a common man, he could have helped, but a media person, being apatheticjust shoots out the whole scene, so that he can impress his boss and earn money!

I’m sure you remember  the worst day of India- the 26/11 terrorist strike in Mumbai. Media has really shown its intelligence there too. The secret passages, through which the military men were going with a view to destroy the terrorists were shown by them on the national television! Perhaps they needed a civilized and a responsible human to tell them that they were making a mistake!

I think the only qualification to be in media is, Be remorseless,  mean and  moneyminded. For sure, you’ll be a successful personality then(only in this field).

It’s really shameful to say that India, once ruled by the great leaders-warm at heart-is now being ruled by political and media persons- rude and mean at heart!

The country which lived by the democratic fact: To the people, by the people, for the people has now become:”To the people, buy the people and far off from the people.”It’s now our moral responsibility to handle the country, because we are the youth, the emerging power.

Come, let’s take an oath today. No media, No politics, Just we and the future of a bright India.


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