Is Meninism Just Feminism Gone Wrong?

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Lying in bed, one day a thought struck me- Why not ‘Meninism’? Curious, I decided to turn to google. Of the hundred-thousand results I got, a twitter page caught my attention. Called ‘ManForMeninism’– a parody of feminism, this page deliberated misconceptions people seem to have about feminists. With a witty sense of humor and sarcasm at its peak, over 60,000 people were enticed instantly by it.

In the manner myths that surround us, we often credit women as inferior and feeble. The reality is that women have been deprived of independence for the longest time and hence, as a corollary of stereotypes, they themselves have set off to believe the same. A mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter- a woman is multi-faceted, but one thing she is certainly not- waste.

From birth to adulthood, there have always been instances dispiriting women.  As a juvenile, these setbacks are bodily prevalent; either through sexism in opportunities for education, role in rituals or even for ‘sacred bonds’ like marriage. During Raksha Bandhan, why is it that the brother pledge’s to defend his sister and not the other way round- for all we know the brother may be an infant. For society, a girl child is less of an individual and more of a burden. The countless problems we see in our society are actually a result of THIS gender discrimination.

As grown-ups, females undergo obstacles pertaining to a subordinate stand in marriage as well as a sort of abandonment from their maiden-homes. Career choices too tend to be differentiated between male and female. This though, is not specific to women. Certain options are considered too ‘woman-like’, and may affect their ‘masculinity’ according to the society.

On the contrary though, have you ever thought of why there is a requisite for feminism? Is it because of all these delusions about women that such a belief has come into existence? The answer is yes! Problems like these represent the need for feminism.  If in some supplementary world, womenfolk hadn’t been victims of the patriarchal society, such a need for feminism would not have arisen. Meninism- a concept I mentioned earlier- is just a plain parody produced by anti-feminists, to the world. Feminism, however, is a serious issue; while we may laugh at meninism, no one finds feminism funny. All this indicates 2 main problems in our society- why are males and females dissimilar? And, what wrongs have women committed to be regarded this way?

Feminism is an ideology; it is a belief according to which women needed to be treated as equals in the society. Although it started out as genuine, soon in the 21st Century it began to be perceived as man-bashing. Men are victimized for their actions worse than women- even after committing the same magnitude of crime. This is because feminism is perceived wrongly nowadays; women are considered faultless due to what they have faced in general.  The whole point of feminism after all, is to portray women as alike to men; instead by being shown weak, the exact opposite is happening.


Meghna Gupta

Image Source: The Viewspaper