Is Stalking Nothing But Fluffy Harmless Observation?


She walks, he follows. He sees her beautiful smile, and that makes his day. She reaches home, and he waits for the moonlight to be at its epitome. She sleeps, and he enters her room. She wakes up, and he hovers over her bed. She screams, but why? Doesn’t she know its all love, simple pure love?

Stalkers have the uncanny ability to confuse love with obsession, intimidation and violence. The only sole motto of a stalker is to control the person they are addicted to, to hide them away from everyone, to control their life, and to be with them forever, as long as they both shall live. Well, that’s the kind of proposal every person looks forward to. Isn’t that romantic?

Who wouldn’t want a partner who will always be around? Who wouldn’t like a person to do things for you even if it creeps you out? Who on earth can get scared when a person is lovingly looking into your eyes while tying your hands and putting a cloth over your screaming and agitated face? Who wouldn’t ?

These tales are nothing but terrible tales of love which are on the verge of harassment. Love doesn’t require using forceful means or constant persistence, unlike in the world of stalkers. For them, love comes with all the threats, intimidation, torture and harassment whether physical, mental or verbal. Of late, monitoring the use of a person by hacking into their emails and various other social media accounts is also on the rise.


Recently, a 19-year-old committed suicide following a scuffle with a 21-year-old boy who was harassing her mentally and physically both. Also, in another creeping tale, 32-year-old Jitender Singh stalked his ‘lover’ from college for nearly ten years before his unrelenting obsession landed him behind bars, for 19 years in US. Love, indeed, knows no boundaries.

However, literate or not literate, how difficult is it to understand the word ‘no’ said in, for arguments sake, as many languages as possible? How difficult is it to hear someone’s pleading or screaming? How difficult is it to understand when to draw the line?

Many of the stalkers are obsessive in nature, fooling themselves to believe that ‘ladki ki na mai bhi haan hoti hai’. Taking inspiration from many cinematic stars, (courtesy the relentless Dhanush in Ranjhaana, and ever persistent Shahid in R…Rajkumar), who would continuously pest the star opposite them, harass them, touch them without consent, stalk them unnecessarily, scare them, and in the end their constant persistence fuels the one-sided love.


Stalking was finally added as an offence in the Indian Penal Code as Section 354D which is punishable by a term of up to three years and fine, in Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2013.

However, how many of the victimised people actually use the law as an aid? Are the people taking the offence seriously or still think that ignoring it might just stall it?

It is required by the victims to voice out their concerns to respective authorities by complaining to cyber cell police or by registering an FIR. It is important to not ignore it, because it’s nothing but long term harassment which no one should endure.

Do not play the game of the stalkers, play yours!

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Sources:

The Viewspaper