Is the Fault Really in the Politicians?

Right from the time since I started getting sense of things that I heard, all I have been hearing about the country is that it is going to the dogs. And that the political system is driving it there. Be it somebody in your houusehold or anyplace else, they will have their own pangs and problems, their own share of heart melting and sympathy extracting experiences with the ‘system’. And this has been the case no matter who I spoke to.

So logically, this is what I have come to believe, rather what I have subconsciously been taught. Since forever, this has been the tone of the talks and the very mindset of the participants of the diaspora, no matter what be the generation or what be the age.

But I beg to differ.

It is very easy to sit in the comforts of one’s house and make remarks and opine about the state of affairs while sipping beverages. It is regrettable if a person who has always been on the uglier receiving end of the much hated ‘system’ to voice the troubles he has faced. But it is never justified because you do not have the right to criticise a system that you being a part of, have not done your dutiful bit to preserve it; because you have shirked your bit of responsibility which could have otherwise made things better, if not perfect.

Taking a dig and poking fun at the political establishment has become a popular trend. Sadly though, noone is willing to do more than that.

In an article Vinoba Bhave cited that individuals who never at least talk hopefully about their nation, are doing it more harm than anything else. True, because they suppress the very hope that a situation can be bettered. Agreed that our political system is flawed and lacking. But we cannot ignore the good bits either.

Our leaders are old, uneducated and lethargic. But not all. Infact, the ones in the important Chairs are well qualified and sincere. Look at the current Cabinet and point out one exception and I will rest my case.

Our arguement is that our leaders have failed us and we are lagging and lacking. We do not see that our leaders have achieved things too. Only sixty years of autonomy and we have become one of the most influential countries today. Which other nation has done that?

Our leaders are corrupt, but other people like businessmen, cricketers and filmstars are so too. We never blame or make jokes about them. We forget that it is while dealing directly or indirectly with them – and with us – that the politicians indulge in corrupt acts. We are the ones who make them corrupt and thus we are corrupt too. And why just our country, it is the same case in any other country you go to. But they did not waste time in ridiculing things. America rose out from the shabbles of those constant civil wars. Japan emerged astonishingly after being completely destroyed. Germany has become an example in hospitality after carrying the brunt of being responsible for two World Wars. The list goes on. Yet we choose to slash mud for our leisure instead.

If we continue to crack jokes like we have always done, we are doing no good to effect anything. The only sensible thing is to act! Think about it. (And don’t dismiss the thought again with a joke!)

Rohit Rohan

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