It’s a Brand New World

The world is going gaga about brands; and believe it or not brands today are getting just better and better by the day. This, not only in terms of their marketing strategies which targets all and sundry, but also in the form of the publicity that surrounds the brand endorsements. Be it Bipasha Basu who endorses the famous brand Reebok with the catchy tag line “Your Move” or Sachin who has been roped in to endorse many products owing to his iconic appeal. Not to forget the kings of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan. Khan Badshah of Bollywood is now the big Badshah of Business too, with his company Red Chillies which has received 36 proposals for sponsorships. Now the impact that these ‘media biggies’ generate cannot be avoided by the masses. It is not just the brand; it is the ideology that a brand generates in the form of its slogan anthems- like Nike’s “Just Do It” or Frito Lays with “No one Can Eat Just One.”

The influence these ads play on audience though, must not be forgotten. Remember Dhoni’s Pepsi stunt,” Life Mein Pyaas Honi Chahiye”. Many youngsters were actually inspired to do what they felt passionately about, after seeing this campaign successfully hitting-off. What advertising has surely played on, is the highlighting of some of the most common, obvious and yet significant features of a single product. This, to capture the attention of a consumer, who is now so keen on a Real fruit juice which promises 100% juice with no added preservatives and clearly indicates the sugar free aspect of it Priyanka Chopra left a ‘Fashion’ statement with her hair flicks that made the Sunsilk styling range popular in the girls. The Rolex watches are a hit with your colleagues; they are already saving up for the Rodger Federer look.

It is not a sudden outcome, we as humans are tempted to make ourselves feel ‘exclusive’, no matter what section in society we occupy. So the underlining factor in a selling brand is that it is not Priyanka or a Bipasha or a Bachchan that matters as much as their exclusivity and association with the product you use, that makes you feel good.

Darwinian principal of ‘Survival of the Fittest’ applies well in this wild world of brand evolution. Competition exists in every sphere of life and everyday the fate of a product is rewritten. The CEOs of companies have created a whole set of new rules for managing and gearing up for the big brand world. We are looking at the metropolitan and highly stylized ‘RBK’ generation.

In this battle to remain at the top, the mad ad world needs to struggle to suit the sensibilities of everyone who is exposed to its reach. While this game isn’t quite the easiest, especially since the target audience is more often than not, a hard- to- please jury; it is the novelty and the promise for it, which drives the consumers to exploit the best. In this day and age, this is one of the best and most alluring examples of Competition. And boy, are we game for it!
Akriti Rastogi

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