It’s a Techno-jungle Out There!

Technology is the systematic knowledge for the manufacture of product, application of a process or for rendering of a service. -UNCTAD International Draft Code The evolution of humans, the way they work and the means they apply have contributed to technology. Was the man of the Primitive Age not happy? If the reply is affirmative, why does man living in this hi- tech age find it impossible to live without the technological evils. The technology exists in various forms and modes. Perhaps the first means of technology created by man were the tools and equipments used by him for the purpose of hunting, ploughing and cooking. Later in the modern era, the spread of industrial revolution brought immense development in the field of technology. Biotechnology, space exploration, IT industry, communication and transport system, architecture are few such technological inventions.

The advent of the industrial society, based on a new division of labour and on the systematic application of new technologies, was accompanied by a new image of man and society. Though technological knowledge has provided us with luxuries and comforts, at the same time, it has also given birth to depression and stress problems. Weeramantry says in his seminal contribution: “Science and technology have burgeoned in the post-war years into instruments of power, control and manipulation.”

Men have become addicted to cellular phone, cable television and means of transport. They cannot imagine their lives in lack of these frivolous compulsions. The faster the technology operates, the less time we have for ourselves. Now due to our indulgence with Computers, T.V., and Cell phones we are left with actually no time for our family and our problems. At the same time, it has given rise to health problems which includes eye problems. Human rights issues become inextricably interlinked with decisions regarding suitable scientific and technological models for a given society. The most important debates in the past decade revolved around impact of technology and human rights. The genetical engineering of human beings is in controversy for so long. Presently, the conception of child without any role of the male is another issue. It is against the laws of nature and any acceptance to such ethical questions would disturb the balance which we share with rules of nature.

The grip of science and technology on the form and extent of their application to a given society is a heavy legacy from past modes of thought. It has generated attitudinal barriers that cannot be breached without a multi-pronged educational approach ranging from the technical training and the intensification of the social awareness of engineers and technicians to the generation of a more informed and participatory attitude on the part of the general public. It involves exposure of the problems of technological decision-making to the people and hence also involves the creation of more technical awareness and proficiency on the part of the general public.

Technology must aim at creation not destruction of the beautiful world. If we want peace and happiness, we must take steps to ensure that technology is not misused in any case. We must realize that the race for buying latest gadgets is nothing more than techno – craving; having adverse effects on our lives.

Bhumika Sharma
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