It’s all about the money!

I have been thinking whether I should start making daily entries or

not. Not that the idea didn’t cross my mind .  It did. A lot. About three months

ago I thought of jotting down anything I got to learn after a day’s

work or boredom in my case. Why bored as many of you might wonder. Well for those who wonder and those who merely don’t, one minute detail I cannot ignore,

I am unemployed.  Yes, no job for me as yet. Not a single job! Nil. Nada. Nothing.

Sure thing, I am still a student but with my graduation around the corner I have to have “that letter” that would help me embark into the real world and the real job it offers.

That got me thinking, is a job the only thing left in our lives these days? Are the 9 to 5 work shifts shaping us up and deciding for us, how we have to live and survive??

Who would have imagined, when Mr. Herbert Spencer enlightened us with his Survival of the fittest concept that we would actually be living each day in the same manner, even in the 21st century. We have become a bunch of selfish pompous fools trying to fight, compete and survive not just with each other but even ourselves.

Hmm, ourselves eh? It’s quite simple, when we don’t like something that hurts our ego we try to fight it. Why?  Because the feeling of being crushed, crushes us from within.

We are busy trying to get in to jobs and continue to do so till the end of time. But hey, who is complaining? A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do! Anything for meals two times a day, a house to live in, car to drive, clothes and jewelry to wear. Money speaks, honey. Wish it didn’t. Or does it??

Moral of the story: The things, a jobless mind can think.

Upasana Bhattacharjee

Presently a graduate student. A writer not by profession but choice. Feels writing is the best form of venting out. Her book collection and her dogs are the two things she is possessive about. Plans to return back to her country, India because she feels there’s no place like home. She blogs at,

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