It’s Back to the Basics

It is always worth a shot to catalogue the priorities one sets in life. It helps to define and redefine the goals and obviate the unnecessary distractions. Whatever be the outcome of these exercises, health remains at the pinnacle of the list, overlooking every other priority and goals you have set. You don’t need a sick man’s testimony to tip your priorities scale – a mild cold before the D-day will do the needful.


After removing all the doubts shrouding health and cementing its position in our lives, we start our hunt for the magical elixir that will make our lives disease free and makes our temporal bode on earth a pleasant and ‘pain free’ one. An entire set of professionals have dedicated their lives to the elusive ideal of heath and disease free existence. The august medicine profession, whose practitioners swear allegiance to Hippocrates, have hit upon a one. This ostensible fountain of life is not a transparent bubbly liquid, but few words of conventional wisdom which are obliterated from our living memory and comes to recall only when some one again hits the trail of this Holy Grail. The write up is sponsoring a way of life that is now forgotten, but was considered few centuries back as the only way of LIVING a life.


Quit Smoking and Tobacco– Longevity and health are kindred concepts .The origins of both of, are buried in a smoke free life. Words can’t define the horror that plagues the life consumed by cigarettes and tobacco, so figures and stats are used to bail us out of this dilemma. Smoking is responsible for 90% of the lung cancer cases. The chances of development of cancer are directly proportional to the number of cigarettes puffed. Around 50, 000 new cases of lung cancer are diagnosed in India. Of all of the cases reported, majority of them state smoking as the primary carcinogen behind the development of cancer. To put it mildly, every puff of cigarette inhaled cuts short your stay on the planet Earth.


Abstain from Alcohol– “There can’t be good living where there is not good drinking”- Benjamin Franklin. He probably forgot the definition of good living. Alcohol, unlike its tobacco contemporary, has always supposedly given company to writers, painters and actors. No doubt it has caught the fancy and eye of too many. Alcohol is supposed to give a ‘high’ to its consumers, which enables them to use the faculty of the brain more. It is not the case of any ‘highs’ but a definitive case for ‘Lows’. Alcohol is addictive and heavy dependence on it is a chief reason why people continue to consume it, despite knowing the damage it causes. Alcohol leads to high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes. It is one of the principle carcinogen discovered by medical science. A healthy life starts beyond the ‘doors of good life’.


Sleep and Exercise– With late night parties being the cornerstone of social life, waking up early in the morning and on top of it, an exercise in a park appears to be a tall order. There is a mountain of evidence which puts lack of sleep as one of the contributing factors in the majority of lifestyle disease like cancer, diabetes and obesity. The sleep deficit puts the body on high alert which in turn causes high blood pressure and other diseases. The next time you decide to give sleep a miss, just ponder if it is of any worth or not. A point about exercise- it’s not necessary to pay a visit to gym. A walk on the stairs instead of lift will do you good.


A Balanced Diet- Your mother must have admonished you with this pithy phrase which is part of folk tales now. Every child grows up hearing the benefits of a balanced diet, especially vegetables and milk. It is the fount of energy and nutrition and provides us with ingredients which are the building blocks of life. Even after the passage of the growth phase, a balanced diet is the lubricant that galvanizes our life. It simply implies eating a bit of everything, eating three meals in a day and not giving any meal a skip. Non adherent causes troubles in the tissues and brain and nervous system development. For better advice, ASK YOUR MOM!


Visit the Doctor- Our sane mind never conceives a visit to the hospital or clinic as a part of a healthy life. It is always associated with sickness and disease. To circumvent these phases, regular medical check ups is a must. Majority of the diseases can be cured if diagnosed on time. A timely cure can prolong your life and of your loved ones.


I have just mentioned five of the cardinal prescriptions of a healthy life. There are many more and expanding on them will make a book out of a simple write up. So, you will have to look up for the rest yourself.


Geetu Batra



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