It’s Fashion, it’s the Passion!

Fantastic Attitude Simultaneously Hitched with Intricate Oodles of Naiveté’. That’s what I call fashion. I created this definition while writing this article and discovered this is the first time I’m giving a serious thought to the word. Many call it sexy, many call it sober. Some call it saaree, some call it bikini, and some call it sarong. I call it glamorous. I call it naturally gorgeous. Many call it a trend, many call it a culture. I call it comfort. Some call it sophistry, some call it punk. I call it a state of mind.

Fashion is dynamic. It changes from personality to personality. In fact it creates an individual’s personality. To a million people fashion has a million definitions. Fashion rules from Vogue to Gucci and from Calvin Klein to Kantha Stitch. From Sabyasachi Mukherjee at the Cannes to David Meister in Jaipur, it’s the world fashion fever. Be it 1994 Miss Universe Sushmita Sen or Hollywood sensation Penelope Cruz, their topknot to stilettos make millions of hearts skip a beat. Fashion doesn’t start or finish on the ramp or the screens. Be it Al Pacino’s icy blue eyes, Milind Soman’s rugged stubble or Hrithik Roshan’s seductive six packs, fashion ends nowhere.

Fashion is a word that has been there from time immemorial. There are some amazing facts about fashion. It is said that in ancient times, French men used more make up than their wives!

A Paris Fall Winter Collection or a Lakme India Fashion Week does not set any trend actually. That is just pure entertainment. An individual’s fashion statement is basically an assimilation of all that he or she adorns. Fashion has some stereotypical synonyms going with it for ages. Fashion reminds us of London, Milan, Paris and New York, but every place in the world has its own fashion. From Paris Hilton’s dresses to Queen Elizabeth’s hats, from Dev Anand’s colourful scarves to Anjelina Jolie’s tattoos, fashion seems to take on a person’s name. From lingerie to a gown, it is all fashion. In the 21st Century, the street is the real barometer of style. Many designers are getting inspired by the street fashion as it is trendy, affordable and comfortable.

Vintage, classical, funky, retro— we call it by many names in many ages. Fashion has continued to rule our lives for decades and centuries. In India fashion has taken a drastic turn from bold to beautiful. A saree alone can be worn in so many types. A change in a pleat makes all the difference. They say an Indian figure can carry anything off well. An Indian girl usually owns a gorgeous wardrobe to flaunt… with the must haves that are a white kurti, a pair of blue denims, a saree and a dress.

There are more things to come with attires that are accessories. Nowadays, these are important for not only women but fashion conscious men too. A good hair gel to a polished boot make men go mad too. A man no more takes just a shower before a date.

Fashion has taken o’er the world and we all are living in it. It is a big, round, fashionable world.

Aryani Banerjee