It’s the Season for Wacky

“The use of the phrase, ‘style over substance’ has always been, as Oscar Wilde observed, a marvellous and instant indicator of a fool. For those who perceive a separation between the two have either not lived, thought, read or experienced the world with any degree of insight, imagination or connective intelligence.” – Stephen Fry.

And that is what fashion is. Something that integrates substance and style seamlessly.Something that mixes comfort with art. Something that makes you feel good about stepping out of the house. Something that mixes imagination with functionality. Something that takes the weird or quirky and makes it look beautiful.

That is what fashion means to me. Fashion is also something that is very subjective. The saying goes, ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’. So what I might perceive as beautiful might be something you think is ghastly. Or something I think is too weird for words might be a piece of art that set the runway on fire.

One of the latest fashion trends around the world is the ‘be quirky’ trend. It is being seen on runways around the world. And one of the forerunners of this trend or should I say the originator of this trend is Lady Gaga. Everything from her hair to her shoes spells capital W-E-I-R-D. But then hey, she is being herself and making a statement. With all the comments that her meat dress at the Video Music Awards 2010 generated, she epitomized the ‘any publicity is good publicity’ rule.

She wears everything and carries it off too. She has worn lace headgear, a lace dress with feathers as headgear and even something that looked like it was made out of ropes and plastic. And one mustn’t forget her silver lobster head piece, which shows how much importance she gives to extremely exaggerated accessories. She even met the Queen of England dressed from head to toe in bright red latex. Her staggeringly high heels and a teacup, yes, a teacup, are other Gaga signatures.

Helena Bonham Carter is another actor who backs up her image as someone who plays very offbeat roles with her sense of style. Her dresses are multi-coloured and quirky to the T. She showed up for the Golden Globe Awards 2011 with different coloured heels, one shoe was green and the other was red. She believes that fashion is about having fun and repeatedly proves the same with her outrageous sense of style.

Katy Perry has taken the quirky and weird road too. She loves neon colours and she showed up to the Video Music Awards 2011 with bright pink, shoulder length hair and a Japanese-style umbrella. She is another artist who loves exaggerated head pieces and one must remember the squares she wore in her hair to another awards ceremony. She has coloured her hair neon blue and she has also worn a dress with a glittery Smurf on it.

Whatever said and done, wacky seems to be the new flavour. True, it is something that not everyone is adventurous enough to try. But yes, those who do take the jump can be assured of a lot of gossip and comments on their fashion sense.

I think I myself will just stick to the oversize tees and jeans with floaters look. Doesn’t look like the wacky is for me.

Ayesha Sruti Ahmed