It’s Your Choice!!

Today’s youth seems to own a very special quality in them—something which wasn’t all that prevalent with the previous generations. They have a choice for almost everything but this super magical quality which the previous generations were void of and mostly denied, isn’t being used judiciously by today’s youth. With choice equipped in their inventory, one can choose a really nice looking T-shirt over a plain coloured not-so-good-looking T-shirt, can choose a high end multi-utility mobile phone over a phone which has just a VGA camera and an FM radio in it, a better person from the opposite sex and the list is practically never ending. In the end, it’s just a choice between Good or Bad!

While most folks from the previous generations introduced themselves to alcohol and smoking only after their teenage or during their late twenties, most teenagers these days live in a fast forwarded world, with access to a pack of cigarettes or a glass of whisky with little or no remorse at all.

I am not all that different from you guys, I’m just 4 years past my teenage :D. I noticed something really amusing, which I am sure you’ll agree with me at the end of this blah blah! As a teenager, I saw most of my classmates smoking away to glory and a few of them even found their new interest with alcoholic beverages. During our discussions during classes (Yes, when the lecturer’s busy explaining something, we’d talk about other things!), one thing seemed to be in common with all of them. They didn’t smoke or drink because they were addicted to it. They did it so they wouldn’t feel left out amongst the group. There’s this false notion amongst today’s youth that ‘someone who drinks or smokes is one who is being true to himself/herself or is a man/woman’. Hello? That’s a little too weird isn’t it? Haven’t you heard someone tell this to you? “Do this if you’re a man…” or whatever? And you often do it? WHY?

We always talk about using the power of discretion when it comes to doing certain things. Doesn’t it apply here too? There is a definite need to reinforce our decisions with another decision – a decision to make sure we use the power of ‘discretion’ or ‘choice’. Imagine someone coming up to you and asking you to do something you don’t approve of, and you reply with a “NO”. All of us love seeing that  harrowed “WTH” expression on our friends’ faces, don’t we? And you’re doing this for the right reason.

Well, I guess that’s about it. Think about all of it and decide for yourself. Nothing better than a healthy and happy life. It doesn’t mean you have to abstain from everything. It’s just the excess that you need to keep a tab on. I guess I’ll sign off now. I’ve got to get back to Facebook and have to do some modifications and corrections on my blog. Rock on!!

Rohit Iyer

An alien is what he is and thinks differently than most humans do. The author loves adventure, writing, adrenaline rushes and everything blue!! Always online, always available, a movie and music freak – he lets his Mind speak! Long bike rides with pals, often to uninhabited places ‘cos peace is what he seeks! He’s en-route a path to make his career as a Cyber Security Analyst. Well, that only time will tell. If you’d like to know more about him, his blog’s the easiest resource at

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