It is happening!!!

Its finally happening…the proverbial first step in our journey had been taken. Your response, the signing of petitions, forming of communities at various social networking sites, the very unrest that we sense in you, is what comprises a first but firm step forward. We brought you the story of Priya Aggarwal because we believed you would stand up to make yourself heard, to make your opinion count. And we haven’t been disappointed. Your whole hearted support has given us the courage to move forward in the direction we believe is right. That you have shown us to be right. There are some of us who still wonder… What difference can it all make? Just big words and small actions. But my friends don’t undermine the power of the numbers. And why look far? What was it that gave a ‘half naked’ man the courage to stand before a seemingly invincible empire? The sheer will of millions of people determined to make a difference to their lives and the future of their country. If the challenges are big, the answer to them must be bigger. If you don’t want to vote. Don’t. if you don’t want to be on the streets. Don’t be. Just raise your voice, and we will ensure you are heard. We at viewspaper do not give you a voice, we amplify a voice that is your own. For once the voice of the youth has risen as one against the injustice meted out to those who ‘they’ never thought could fight back. They say history never repeats itself, it will this time.