It is in your Thinking!

Youth is in your thinking…Or so I would like to think!

I know some very old people who are extremely energetic and youthful in their thinking (frankly that’s my Dad!).

While I huff and puff over mundane issues, he looks askance at any challenge and every crisis. That is to say that’s how he has been in life, from the very beginning. From being the eldest in a family of four siblings and living in a one room chawl in Mumbai ( sharing a common toilet!) he has come a long way. Rural advertising pioneer, much sought after problem solver and go-getter, he is one person everyone wantsin their team (leading them!)

Then again I have another friend, who has scaled great heights in his career and life and I am sure is going higher; and he too started off with more odds against him. What makes them unique is that they as people are not only focussed on their lives; like a Tsunami, they are capable of holding on and carrying the people around them to greater heights. That is the difference. Yet they are ordinary folks with average Intelligence and have climbed up the hard way. Is it intelligence, not really, many intelligent people lack what they have. Is it hard work; decision making; vision? What is it?

With more and more youngsters, committing suicide, sliding towards substance dependence, and most importantly abusing themselves by eating less (Anorexia), eating more (Obesity) and complicating their lives in many other ways; it becomes super important to talk about handling Stress. (Yes the same S word again but I hope to give a broader view of things here).

Coming back to how I started off this train of thoughts, the people I mentioned (my Dad and Friend) who have jumped leaped and soared in their lives, there is something unique about the way they handle Stress and that’s what I want to stress on here!

Research shows that these people have a unique personality trait that helps them face stress in a more flexible, confident and less destructive way. The good news is that this way of Being can be learnt!

It is the 3 “C” formula. Being Committed to adding meaning to every aspect of your life, to be in Control of the stressful events (the thinking) and not let them control you, and the nail on the head is looking at all difficulties in life as a Challenge, an opportunity to grow and not as a threat to flee from. Personally for me, the last one is the one that gives the most dramatic results.

Once you start thinking this way, just watch how you grow…and that’s coming from a person who has been there and done that! For finally who you are, actually is who you Think you are!!

Sowmya Srinivasan

Part time-Storyteller, part time-Blogger, full time-Mother, also working for a library, many roles, many passions. Yet has not given up her basic curiosity and love of learning. She takes pleasure in being a person who people love to be with. Slow to voice her opinion, but convinced in the being of human kind. An eternal optimist and idealist.