It Is Raining Marks, But It Is Not Raining Seats

The allure of DUThe time is nigh and the time is now, it is the time for DU admissions and being the student that I once was, I can understand the excitement and nervousness of the students vying to get a seat in the most prestigious and renowned colleges of Delhi University. The craze to enter DU is much, the life promises extensive exposure, great opportunities, amazing fests and provide a reason for people to shop their heart out. It promises an all together another world, a world that is worth exploring.

While driving through North Campus or South, one can expect to see the long queues, the expectant faces of parents silently hoping to get their kids admitted into a national reputable University. Undeniably, it’s a task to get one enrolled, and it is equally difficult even when one is scoring as good as 95%.

The fight for admission is so much that the students outnumber the seats that are offered. Many students would have to look for admission in other universities – which is not necessarily a bad thing. The overcrowding of universities and the growing number of students each year applying to a university, locally and from out of town, is on the rise. Further aggravating the situation is that the seats in DU are allotted on first-come-first basis.


With the rise of people scoring commendable marks in their 12th boards, and all wanting admission under one roof, the task gets much more taxing. But, what is it about DU that it has developed into a nationwide frenzy? Everyone for once want to have the luxury or a chance of being called a DUiite. Its nothing but a prestigious tag to carry around, making one a source of people’s envy at large.

However, how justified is this craze? It’s not like this is the only university offering the best, there are much better universities, but what fascinates the kids about DU?

DU attracts the crème de la crème of the Indian student crowd. It is consistently ranked as one of the best universities in India, some colleges more so than others. Promising the best exposure and being helmed by great academicians, its no wonder why parents want their kids to jot down DU in their yet-to build CVs. Plus, the great save on money doesn’t hurt either. Why should one pay in lakhs when the education can be covered in mere thousands?

However, administration at DU is an opaque, inconsiderate and shadowy rot, and to top it all, it is also corrupt and lazy. Yet, it does not deter the masses. It is the belief of DU being exclusive and rightfully prestigious that binds them for the act.

Being a part of DU is a fetish, and they would want to fulfil, ignoring the fact whether it is justifiable or not. Nationally, a DU graduate is thought to be put on pedestal. However, there are students from other colleges having better and viable exposure than a student form DU. And, when one is applying for a job, the idea of being a DUiite isn’t fascinating anymore.

There was a time, when admission in DU meant something and it was a moment of pride, however with time and almost everyone scoring between 90-99%, the task is not so exclusive anymore.

If everyone is scoring more than 90% than actually no one is.

Yugansha Malhotra

The Viewspaper