It’s All In The Story


It has long been established how movies have impacted us. Some inspire us, some shock us but many a times they teach us, they tell us about stuff we never could have imagined or thought of by our limited-perceptive mind. The best part about movies is that they provide us with varied insights, insights that grow us and alter us.

In a lot of studies, it has been established how movies influence the normal day-to-day life of a person. From teaching us how to ask our crush out on a date to how to throw a hissy fit when fighting with parents, from mocking our intelligence to broadening our viewpoints, from giving us shaadi goals to those amazing beautiful dresses; movies tend to make us, and in a surprising way they manage to achieve that too.

However, there are many movies that put forth a wrong ideology in a very filmy fashion and manage to garner a lot of support. While the persistent stalking might work really well in the movies where it usually ends with a happy ending, in real life such stalking often ends with murder. While they teach us to be respectful towards our elders, it also teaches us to stay quiet in the midst of some crime or act wrongfully committed by our elders. While some movies give us feminism goals, many just gross crores managing to tarnish it.

While most movies enjoy objectification of women by calling them tandoori murgi, few of them work towards refuting such objectification. Not catering to the public demand, many movies do celebrate equality and besmirch the brand of patriarchy, and misogyny. Such movies, though initially aren’t receptive to money, gain success eventually not in a material manner but in a way that aims to better our deteriorating society.

Such movies usually find audience amongst those people who are receptive to change and are not comfortable with the depiction of humor in a misogynist and a sexist attitude. It can never be okay to call a woman maal, or to forcefully kiss her without her consent, or to just pry on her privacy.

Recently, we were rewarded with a beautiful movie called Pink. The movie spoke about quite a number of causes that plagues Indian women by large. It managed to break stereotypes, and catered to the mainstream audience by having Mr. Amitabh Bachchan as one in the lead. The success of the movie can be seen in the coffee shops where its making rounds by achieving feminism goals, or by the ringing cash counter at major cinema halls.

A taste has developed within the audience; nobody likes debates or confrontations or constant nit-picking about feminism. But, make them watch a movie like Pink and they will understand the concept, even though it lies hidden.

We all encompass a generation that is tech-driven, and don’t wish to waste time by reading about it or attending lectures for it. Give us a series or a movie, subtly pass the concept that need to be understood and overnight we major in it. At a time, when book sales have dropped while the Facebook page of Terribly Tiny Tales does wonders, we can easily decipher why people of this generation or living in the current scenario would go for shortcuts.

Movies can bring forth a beautiful change, make us a society worth living and dying for, then why should the medium be not used to further development?

Let us have movies that teach us than those who make us a horrible human that we already are. Let us have serials that don’t celebrate the typical villainous shrewd women who assassinate characters or doesn’t transform into a fly. Let us have serials that celebrate humanity and make us a better human. Let us have something worth watching.

It is high time the media understands that they have a duty towards the society than to just earn crores and fan their personal lavishness on a grander scale. They have a duty to create content which is progressive in nature rather than to create gibberish content.

Shall we move on from the never-lasting Rowdy Rathores and the naagins?

Yugansha Malhotra

Image Source:

The Viewspaper