It’s just another Thought

You park your vehicle; walk into front yard garden and a lioness pounces to knock you down, licking you all over your face. You rub your hands over her back and love her back. You get up she follows you wagging her tail in excitement, rubbing her body against you. You reach the refrigerator, pull out a meatloaf and say “hey kitty … hey kitty  … come kitty” , walk out to the front yard garden, there is a den type artificial lion house, since you can no more call it as a dog house, put down the meat loaf on the plate lying beside it. You leave and she starts to enjoy the meat. She finishes it quickly, she is running around in the garden playing with the basketball that was lying there and you have changed into something comfortable. You pick up a lion belt, lock it around her neck and take her for a walk.

While you walk her around in the neighbourhood you meet a friend and she asks you “hey nice lion where did you get him from?” Rubbing her hands over her back she turns around and orders her husband “we should have one of these, kids will love it”, you greet him; she now turns towards you “hey is it a male or …” you reply “it’s a female”. “Ok then when she… (trying to make you understand pregnancy by hand movements and a giggle on her face)…you will call me we will love to have one”. You nod your head in agreement. You walk back home and your neighbour shouts “Hey Raj Wassup?” walks towards you and is accompanied by a tiger. Both species know each other hence start playing with each other while you both talk about politics, inflation, launch of some gadget, etc.

You will say – come on Rajdeep what is this all about. Well think if this was to become true, even though I know it will never since unlike your pet dog if the lion or tiger gets wild he won’t bite you, he has the capacity to rip of few pounds of flesh of your body, however if this was to happen we can save those species which are now on the verge of extinction.

Some years back even dogs and cats or for that fact any other domestic animal was considered to be wild animals however after many years of breeding we have gotten them domesticated. If the same could be done to few of these wild animals, god knows, we might have Pedigree selling lion, tiger and don’t know what not food in the market.

Then again this is just a thought….Like the one where we wanted to fly or swim down deep and touch the ocean floor.

Rajdeep Nair