Its not illegal if followed by 99.9% of us

As human beings, we like to be the bull and follow the mob. When we see a big group of people gathered somewhere, we just blindly start following them. Yes, the reason is we get drawn to the people. Even, if its good or bad, but there are many in number we would like our inquisitive side to be at the peak and go running to find out whats going on. Similarly, if everyones doing a deed we would do it too, the simple reason is everyone is doing it and hence, we want to be in the “everyone” too.

I observed my friends have the latest music when I was in high school. The era of cassettes was just fading, and the rise of CDs had begun. But, I would wonder why people would keep buying Cds of every latest song or album or movie and how big was there storage space to stock up all of them. I would wonder in my head, they must be real rich kids with a garage storage space with each of them. But, I was disillusioned. I later got familiar with the idea of downloading.

Initially, I was a bit hesitant and thought it could be illegal. But, then I behaved like a human machine and took to it. Now, many people still say its illegal or not right but the majority of us do it and  youngsters survive on music. Whether its stress or a post-break up time, its always music which makes us feel better. What other options do we have if we needed to upload our beloved Ipods and Iphones? Not tunes for sure. With our limited pocket money, we cannot afford to knit our entire music collection spending 0.99 USD on each song. If a standard Ipod has about 3000 songs, we would be bankrupt or on loans for just filling up our lists of favorite songs. I don’t think its illegal anymore, considering itunes is not cost effective at all.

Against, extortionate pricing that itunes offers, we would not want any music in our lives you know. Our pocket money or salaries are limited, and has so many directions where it has to be utilised. Another thing with itunes is, it offers a promotional 20 seconds of a song you can listen to before you download. You might just end up downloading, something you don’t like. What do we do in that case, the money ofcourse is not refundable. Also, so many songs and applications are subject to availability.

Moreover, the money earned through the sales of each song does not go the artist but is rather finding its place in the pockets of the middle men which are the record companies. So, in my opinion downloading music for free is not a crime but a right we have all earned to make a peaceful way through our lives and live like each one does with our selection of mood-uplifters.

Tanvi Gupta

Creator. Dreamer. Thinker. Always full of ideas. Serious at work and distracted at parties. A designer, with a passion for writing.