Jaago Re

“We will not be scared”; the return of normalcy in the capital, within a few hours of the September 13 blasts, is in itself a slap on the face of all those whose aim was to spread terror. Let those who commit such heinous crimes know that religion will not be their guiding umbrella anymore. Be it the VHP causing stagnancy in the country for ‘Hindutava’, ‘Bajrang Dal’ creating communal unrest in Karnataka over ‘forced conversions’, the ‘Lakshar-e-Taiba’ or ‘Indian Mujahideen’ killing for the cause of Muslims; these are all terrorist acts of the same form but in various degrees. Before any religious cause comes humanity and the basic essence of being human is love and forgiveness.

The worst degree of religion based on terrorist acts is seen in Islamist terrorism which has now become a cause of worry worldwide. In the recent past, various Islamist terrorist groups have emerged. Their leaders’ basic strategy is to lure youngsters in the name of religion and then to justify their acts by giving false meanings to ‘jihad’. No where does ‘The Quran’ mention spilling blood of innocents as jihad, even if it is to protect their own religious sentiments? These violent attacks do not change the suspicious way with which the Muslims are perceived all over the world. Instead, it exposes their inability to articulate themselves. The main victims of such attacks are those Muslims who have to bear the brunt of increasing racial hatred. By generalizing such acts as ‘revenge of the Muslims’, they falsely give a religious turn to an act which can only be categorized as cold-blooded murder and exposure of worst form of bestiality in humanity. The group which has publicly taken responsibility for the recent blasts calls itself ‘Indian Mujahideen’. In their e-mail to the media they clearly stated that their aim was revenge for the ‘sins’ committed against Muslims in the rest of the country. Can sin be countered with another sin? All it leads to is an action and equal and opposite reaction, and the cycle continues.

Perhaps, the most important thing right now is – amongst all the courageous sentiments voiced by the media we should not forget those whose lives were directly affected. All our feelings would seem pointless to people who have lost close ones. It is good to be optimistic especially in midst of such a grave situation but it is also important to make sure that this optimism does not lead to inactivity. India has to go a long way in its fight against terrorism.

Islamist terrorism has gone beyond any reason or values. All our talk about courage and indifference would fall on deaf ears. We need some stringent measures against terrorism to eventually abolish it..With its terribly porous borders and no concrete strategic plan to combat terrorism, India is extremely vulnerable to terror attacks. At such a point the Home Ministries decision to form a separate cell in the judiciary to deal with terrorist cases is warmly welcome. Hopefully, all the brilliant ideas which have cropped up in midst of the hullaballoo will get fleshed out. Also, we need to learn from our casualties. In both Ahmadabad and the Delhi serial blasts, unprotected Wi-Fi networks were used to send mails. If the trend is studied properly, then it wouldn’t be too difficult to infer that it is very crucial for these terrorist groups to claim responsibility or else their sole purpose of spreading terror is futile. Hence, if all modes of communication are properly regulated from time to time then the efficiency level of our agencies to catch the accused would increase. Our intelligence agencies should be given power and authority to sensitive information. RAW should have the same authority in India as the CIA has in the US. Agreed this causes a threat to the privacy of individuals but it is a necessary step to make safe the lives of millions at a time when corruption seems to have no end in our country and global terrorism is on a steady rise.

We need to act fast and be extremely quick in our actions.. India is the fastest growing economy in the world and also the latest target for terror outfits. Such incidents only tarnish the image of India as a safe destination. The Australian Cricket Team’s decision to tour India in spite of these deadly blasts comes as a big relief especially after it refused to participate in the Champion’s Trophy which was hosted by Pakistan. The cowardly stance usually taken by India needs to mould itself into firm actions to attain a free and peaceful environment. Actions indeed speak louder than words and we should prove the same.

Swati Goyal

[Image source:http://www.flickr.com/photos/cishore/1236488109/]