Jaguar’s Intelligent Car


First it was smartphones that invaded the lives of people, and now the world is soon going to experience for the first time, an intelligent car.

Tata Group’s Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has announced that it is developing the world’s first intelligent car. The Director of Research and Technology of JLR, Wolfgang Epple announced, “We are working on research projects that will give the driver better information to enhance the driving experience. By presenting the highest quality imagery possible, a driver need only look at a display once. Showing virtual images that allow the driver to accurately judge speed and distance will enable better decision-making and offer real benefits for every-day driving on the road, or the track.”

Here is all there is know about Jaguar’s intelligent car:

  • The car will feature a learning algorithm which will enable the car to keep a track of its driver’s driving style giving a completely personalized driving experience.
  • It will also include software which will detect the traffic conditions, the weather which will apparently help the driver to concentrate better and stay focused on the road.
  • The car will have the ability to recognize its driver. So when the driver gets into the car, the rear view mirror, the steering wheels, the seat will all be synchronized according to the driver’s preference laid out in his/her driving history.
  • Virtual cars can be laid out in the road by the driver while taking driver lessons.
  • It will also feature a virtual ‘ghost car’ with which the driver can race so as to improve his/her speed.
  • The car will also include a unique 3D instrument with head and eye tracing technology.
  • A ‘Smart Assistant’ to the driver will be installed in the car which will set the navigation according to the predicted traffic conditions based on the driver’s schedule in order to avoid jams and reduce total travel time.

According to Epple the car will be available in the market within the next few years. So if things fall in place for Jaguar, we can all expect to experience safer travel in Jaguar’s all new intelligent car.

Pallavi Sharma

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