Jailed MPs to Decide India’s Future

Nuclear deal, the latest ‘hot’ topic, highlights the worst aspects of politics in India. With the trust vote expected to be a close race, every vote is crucial. The government is relying on a handful of MPs like Atiq Ahmed, Shahabuddin and Pappu Yadav who have criminal charges pending against them, or have been convicted of kidnap, murder or other crimes. Though the law allows them to vote in a trust motion and also to hold seats until their appeal to the sentence is disposed off, it is hard to understand how a person who has committed a crime against the society could be allowed to make decisions for the betterment of the society.

India is the only country in the world that allows convicted MPs to take part in a trust vote. It is a shame on Indian law. In other countries like the US and the UK , the laws are very stringent. The right to vote is taken away from the convicts. Why cant the same happen in India? Criminals are criminals. There is a need to amend the laws so that these people stay where they ought to – in jails and not the parliament. Aren’t there enough sensible people in the country that we need to take convicts’ decisions on such critical issues? In fact, why are they still Members of Parliament despite having been convicted and put in jail? No government official or even a person working with a private company can retain his job, if he/she is convicted of a crime and is jailed. Why are MPs, who are supposedly the law makers, allowed to vote? No wonder people are losing faith in the system. The politicians should be an inspiration for the youth, but the exact opposite phenomenon seems to be occurring in India.

A convicted MP is no longer the same person who was voted for by the people. Hence, they should be automatically be devoid of their responsibilities. Though the nuclear deal is definitely a way to develop the country and every vote is important, adopting these sort of measures puts a question on their morality. A leader should be dedicated to his work and must prove his ability in making every citizen feel proud of his country . He should be loyal to his citizens and not work against them. If an ordinary convict is not allowed to hold public office, then why are these criminal MPs allowed to do so? It is one of the many loopholes in our great democratic system. These people have betrayed the country and hence the fate of India’s development should not be in their hands.

Aparna Vyas

[Image Source: http://www.indianembassy.pl/images/parlament2.jpg]