Pertaining to a small population surviving on the banks of the Yamuna, ‘ Jalmagna’ is the story of their lives and livelihood that depend solely on the river.

Everyday Mohammed Kalam and Mustafa like several others in their community risk their lives and dive into the polluted waters of the Yamuna.

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With their eyes pried open underwater, they search the filthy waters for coins thrown in by passers by, wishing and offering prayers to the river Goddess. Even as they risk drowning and being exposed to diseases, a reasonable income in a day remains uncertain. Yet the conflict remains: these very polluted waters of the Yamuna provide for their families. The documentary brings to focus the exploitation faced by these men at the hand of the local governing bodies and policemen. With their homes being destroyed for paying the price for the solutions to the city’s developmental and environmental problems, the film raises the question of their right to livelihood and a secure life. Is it always for them to pay the price? Or for being on the edges like this, they themselves demand a solution and deserve one too!