Jay Prakash Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

Hello Prime Minister Sir,

Our country is facing so many issues on economic, social and political front that we are very unstable in a way that we do not know what to do. I have my own views on different issues.


–> We must make our PSUs, involved in defense research and manufacturing, more responsible by making reasonable rules and regulations to deliver the result on timely manner.

–> Modernization of our forces is a priority and our government must take this seriously as only strong economic with a strong military can give us a place in the world we are looking for.

–> We have to involve our country’s private companies for investment in research and manufacturing in defense sector as it will improve the quality also the timeliness among our PSUs.

–> To make our soldiers’ life better, we have to reform our military administrative structure and also provide better salary to the soldiers not only officers.

–> Defense tie ups with Russia is good but we have to let them know that as a customer we expect to complete a deal on time with the quality maintained. Also we must not rely on US for critical military hardware and technology as their idea of military tie up with us is altogether a different agenda.

–> Recruitment in Defense research and manufacturing must be taken very seriously.

Economic Policy

–> Infrastructure development (I think it includes Power sector) must be our priority.

–> Government must put monetary charges for companies who are unable to finish up infrastructure projects on time.

–> Need policies similar to IT policy of our country to improve manufacturing sector and it is a necessity of our economy.

–> Power distribution must be improved by allowing private sector to invest and it must be segregated from power generation.

–> Restructuring of railway management is required and allow Private sector to invest in security systems and manufacturing. There must be a mechanism to stop delay in the railway projects.

–> Land acquisition is a big issue and it is affecting lots of infrastructure projects and also many private projects. Rehabilitation for displaced people is a real concern.

–> Special economic policies are required for North east and J&K.

–> Economic tie ups with Russia will be a great advantage for us.

–> Health and Education system need a restructure of policy and administration.

Foreign Policy

I am not a big admirer of our government’s foreign policy. Recently I read about Late Lt. Saurabh Kalia and it shows how we are not so strong to protest anything which is wrong. Again I have my own views on foreign policy also.

–> After going through many articles, videos interviews from different people, I got that our any military project or action is taken as they are aimed for Pakistan, whether it’s a nuclear test or any missile test or any training exercise. We have to make Pakistan understand that our agenda of military improvisation is different.

In case of China, we have to make them clear that the surprise visits of PLF in our region and also showing Arunachal as part of their country will not be tolerated. Even China can’t go for war with India as they also have great economic ambitions. So stop scare of China’s military power.

Bangladesh is a neighbor we should be concerned about. We have become so resilient that even Bangladesh is creating issues on border.

 Socio-Political System

Our Country has a social structure based on caste and religion.

And thanks to our politicians, this structure is now become a disease.

So my suggestion is “there should be a law that any political figure in our country cannot talk about any cast and religion.”

Also reservations must be based on economic condition not on caste or religion.

There should be no politician allowed in any Sports body.

There should be a retirement age for politicians.

Everybody talks about scam but has anybody asked about the money.

What are you doing to bring bank the black money from Swiss bank.

J&K and North-East people need more support from our government so that we can bring them back to main stream.

Naxalite issues need to be solved by talk and also use forces if needed.

Above are few suggestions what I think of the immediate changes that are needed for our country.


Jay Prakash

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.