Jiah’s Suicide Mystery: Sooraj Annihilated Jiah’s Unborn Foetus

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It is quite normal when a celebrity is involved in a criminal case, the court takes years to reach any conclusion. Such is the case of Jiah Khan’s suicide. On 30th June 2013, Jiah was found hanging in her Juhu apartment from the ceiling. Her mother, Rabiya Khan lodged a complaint to investigate into her daughter’s unnatural death. The reasons for Jiah’s step were her unsuccessful career and her disturbed relationship with boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi. The initial reports said that she was in severe depression because of flak on both her professional as well as personal front.

Now, after two years, this case has found another dimension. The possible reason behind Jiah’s suicide was her encounter with Sooraj in the last days before her death. In a new development, the forensic lab has reported that Jiah was four weeks pregnant with Sooraj’s child and he himself extricated the unborn foetus.Picture1

According to the reliable reports of the forensic lab, Jiah was pregnant with Sooraj’s child and told him about the pregnancy. They then tried to abort the child but the medicines didn’t work. They turned to a gynaecologist who prescribed heavy medication to Jiah. After taking those medicines, Jiah reportedly started bleeding and hemorrhaging. Sooraj was contacted immediately, who then was in touch with the doctor. It came to light that the foetus was no more and that is the cause of the bleeding, but the dead foetus was still there in Jiah’s uterus and it had to be eliminated from her body as soon as possible. Due to fears of negative publicity because of an abortion in an image-conscious industry, a visit to the hospital was ruled out and the procedure carried out at home.


After this incident, reports reveal that Jiah underwent immense mental trauma. Also, reports suggest that Sooraj started ignoring Jiah after the whole abortion fiasco. They both had an exchange of bitter words on their mobile phones and Jiah even accused Sooraj of having relations with another woman who was a mutual friend. He even deleted Jiah’s BBM account from his phone in order to ignore her messages. Later, Jiah called him at midnight and another verbal duel occurred between them which lasted for a while, and he also sent abusive text messages from his mobile phone to her.

She was found hanging from the ceiling by her mother Rabiya Khan, who has termed her daughter’s death as a homicide and not a suicide. The case was shifted to the CBI under orders of the Bombay high court for investigation and CBI has confirmed that this is a case of suicide and Jiah’s disturbed relationship with Sooraj drove her to this end.

The new found evidence has been added to the chargesheet and Sooraj Pancholi has been booked under section 306 of the Indian penal code(IPC) for abetment of suicide. The chargesheet also includes the three-page suicide note by JiahKhan which represents her mental status genuinely and the reasons behind her suicide.Picture3

In a disclaimer of sorts, the CBI said that they have gathered enough evidence through investigation but under Indian laws, the accused is presumed innocent till their guilt is finally established after a fair trial. Sooraj has earlier made appearances in the trial process but after the new found evidence, he will have to be present again in the court. The question which arises is when will the court arrive at a just decision. Even after two years of this case, the court has not reached any conclusion and the final verdict is still awaited.When will the Indian legal system gear-up and handle such cases with the prompt attention and severity it deserves? How long before the victims actually see the light of justice before they die? And when will the appeasement of the rich and influential by our system come to an end?

These are questions in the minds of every Indian, and they deserved to be answered.

For the time being, we hope that justice will be served, and served soon.


Akanksha Sharma

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