Jobs That Could Dominate In The Near Future


The number of people without a job in India is increasing on a daily basis. Economic slowdown in the domestic arena coupled with slow growth in Europe has meant that well paying jobs are hard to come by. The unemployment rate in India rose to 4.9 percent in 2013-2014, up by 2 basis points from the previous year records.

However, the picture isn’t all that gloomy either. Technological advancements are taking place at a rapid level and sustainability is the core challenge that major economies are dealing with. This will only mean that the kind of jobs available in the market will change from time to time. Here are some futuristic jobs that could rule the roost in the coming decades

  • Garbage designer: We’ve all heard of a fashion designer, but this is a relatively new field for sustainability enthusiasts. The amount of garbage that is generated in India is huge. The days of segregating wet waste and dry waste will soon disappear. So what does a garbage designer do? Well, their sole objective is to convert the by-products of various manufacturing process into high quality usable materials that can be used for making something entirely different. Recently, Bill Gates was part of a project that burns human waste and converts it into electricity and clean drinking water. This project has immense potential considering its core function of converting waste into products that are widely used throughout the world- water and electricity.
  • A robot therapist: By 2030, we can expect robots to be a quintessential service provider to humans all around the world. However a large section of the population has no idea about robots and their functioning system. A robot therapist will help every family/company choose the right robot for their organization based on their needs and family profile.
  • Nostalgists: Nostalgists are interior designers, albeit their job involves much more than just designing rooms. Their services could be used by the wealthy to recreate an environment that they feel most comfortable in. For example, if a 70-year-old retired couple doesn’t wish to live in an old age home, they can hire a nostalgist to design their home in such a way that it resembles their favorite decade of living. This profile will also involve considerable research in history along with robust research into the future. It’s all about recreating an environment that resembles the customers favorite era.
  • Tele-surgeons: This is one career that has already gained some momentum. Demand for healthcare will never cease to exist. However, in order to overcome the problem of geographical boundaries, a tele-surgeon will be able to operate on a patient lying down in Mumbai, from a remote location in Denmark. The entire operation will be conducted by a robot that will be controlled by the surgeon from a far off location. Consider this to be the Skype in healthcare.

Somesh Chandran

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