Joining Hands to Fight Terror

“Join hands to fight terror” is what we the people say. The very slogan coined by us has become a worldwide scream for peace. T-shirts, shops, bags, newspapers, cars and magazines etc. carry this to symbolise its importance. It has created a worldwide uproar, but what if the very hands are threatened to be cut to terrorize?


Far away from the land of emotions stands a boy. 15-16 would be the age, but unlike boys his age, his mind stays steady. Steady with the thoughts filled in his head, but a person completely unknown or even close to him. All he needs then is the will power to hold on. Brainwashed are his senses to even differentiate between good and bad. He still holds tight to what he has been said to do, not thinking its very consequence because somewhere far lays his family, threatened.


We, our ideas, our very ideas of what the youth today stands for, makes us the generation of change. Change lies within us, yet there are some changes that are made to us to stand in this world. Born in here were we and filled in our minds was to be good and stay good. As days passed, we passed to a level where we stand for “me”, only “me”. We sweat and toil to put across our work. Now stop. The same amount of sweat and toil is put by our fellow youth in respect to their country, community, religion; facing reality, walking through guns, bombs and eventually knowing that they are going to die. This very contrast in lives show us our youth.


Terrorism is barbaric and so are the armed activities to curb it. Our voice, one dialogue, the first step all out together will provide us a solution. In India, recently there was a nationwide campaign of youth against terrorism and violence under the slogan “Together For Peace”.


Youth from 300 districts will organize debates, seminars and street plays. In the war laden nation of Afghanistan, the youth has set up a complete Non-profit Organization against terrorism. This very step taken by them can be noted as bravery. It is not necessary to set up an organization or try going to the media. The very idea of a blog, community network sites and letters to the editor might just help us make others hear what we want to say.


The important thing is that one of us should first have the courage to speak up, to talk to people around us and reach out to the society by forming a network of likeminded people. Choosing dialogue is the key to building peace and achieving inner humanity. Such a movement is not something abstract and beyond the scope of daily life. It is a movement that spreads from individual to individual, through sincere and earnest one on one dialogue. In other words, we need to build a new community that will be an oasis for the human heart. Instead of withdrawing into our own shells, we need to go out and actively contribute to the prosperity and betterment of society.


Anindita Kannan

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